By Ab - 10/02/2009 01:50 - United States

Today, I ran out of underwear and so I went into my mom's drawer to borrow a pair from her. It was then that I found out my mom uses the same vibrator as I do. FML
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Imahussla 0

WTF are you borrowing yo momma underwear

ktl_fml 0

the same make & model, or the exact same vibe? cuz there is a HUGE difference.


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Straka 0

uh the same kind or the same exact vibrator?cuz, that's nasty

Blondie08_fml 0

Eeewwwww mommy underwear, wouldnt she have granny pannties?

ne1 who has ever borrowed underwear from ne1 especially their parents always deserved it.

85 so you would rather wear dirty underwear?

ktl_fml 0

the same make & model, or the exact same vibe? cuz there is a HUGE difference.

I just flipped my lid! Same thing shot through my mind immediately after. Damn it OP! Specify!

How do a person runs out of underwear in a first place? Leave alone the vibrator, it's another story...

Crotcho_fml 0

your speech is just impeccable, Z. you must've been talking at a very young age, cause you're just so advanced.

it's because. if you're going to correct someone, make sure you do it right.

English is probably Z's second language? Don't be an asshole?

TryToBeKind 0

You mean your mother uses your vibrator or one that looks just like yours? Make sure you still have your own, I guess that would clear it up. Or, buy another one and write MINE on it in permanant marker

not only do you have the same vibrator but you wear the same underwear? bravo.

cyndee_2010 0

your sick, for borrowing your moms underwear and dont even get me started on the vibrator

How the hell is that sick? Sometimes all my clothes are being washed so borrow my dads boxers. Don't be such *******.

Emma Marshall 19

It's ****** weird. How do you even fit your mums/dads underwear....

thats disgusting.... either buy more underwear or do your friggen laundry

You probably should have gone the safe route and said you were borrowing a pair of socks.....