By Anonymous - 09/09/2013 17:44 - United States - Sylvania

Today, my mom bumped into a table with a glass vase on it. Seeing that the vase was about to fall, I lunged to catch it. Before I got there, the vase fell and shattered, resulting in me diving into the broken shards. FML
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summerguy97 16

You tried

I'd make a pun about vases but then I'd get corrected 3 times on the pronounciation of the word vase.


summerguy97 16

You tried

Marian Moseby, is that you?

you tried and failed. moral of the story? if you do not try, you will not fail

...and failed. maybe this will be a lesson to you...let falling vases fall...less pain that way.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Everyone is gonna fail at some point. Best to try and fail then not try at all. Trying to the point of complete devastation means you pushed yourself to the limit, next time push it even further. OP will now be a better vase catcher because of this incident, hell, he may end up being the worlds greatest vase catcher!

Long live the vase catcher!

AnOriginalName 19

Do, or do not. There is no try.

OP got shard-ed on :D

a for effort, right?

I'd make a pun about vases but then I'd get corrected 3 times on the pronounciation of the word vase.

I would ad-vase they go to A and E

Good idea. I'd hate to see you get pun-ished.

AnOriginalName 19

What kind of pun could you make out of the word "vase?"

#40: That OP was trying to take e-VASE-iv action?

True that.

lifesucksballz2 9

good try you did your best. i hope you get better OP!

You tried, and therefore no one can judge you. (But fail, OP.)

I just imagined that everything went in slow motion when you dove... And went even slower as you slid through the glass.

An attempt was made. That's all that matters. And stitches. Those matter too.

giorgi0202 9

that sucks...hope your didnt get cut.

Your what exactly?

lifesucksballz2 9

read the end stupid

I'm no rocket scientist but I'm pretty sure diving on to shards of glass will result in being cut...

Read the grammatically incorrect comment, stupid.

It's alright, 8 looks about 9 years old. He probably hasn't reached that English lesson yet.

what the fuck is with your profile

Haley422 9

At least you tried, if it would have been me I would of been blamed for it then bitched at for it for an hour.

MoronsAccount1 12

I hope you're okay, OP. Glass can be a nasty fucker. I end up accidentally cutting myself on glass several times a week, and I am not amused.

Me too. At work, I'm surrounded by fragile wine and martini glasses. I've caught a few that were dropped but the ones I've missed-- I swear they seem to fall in slow motion. :P

Oh. I thought there would be something like... After a failed attempt, my mother yelled at me for not catching the vase on time.

rob02 19

Atleast you tried.