By badmom - 25/02/2012 11:25 - Ireland

Today, my 18-year old son decided to run his hand over our wooden fence to try and get a splinter, as he "forgot what they felt like." Last month, he stabbed himself in the arm with a sewing needle because he "forgot what an injection feels like." I raised this idiot. FML
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You know, he could have a problem with self harming and just be using those words with an excuse. Instead of calling him an idiot you should make sure that he's feeling okay.


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why are you writing an FML about this? you should be taking your son to the hospital. what if he is suffering from a mental condition? maybe he really is forgetting! go before its too late. your family will be in my prayers :) xoxo

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What if he realizes he forgot what it feels like to be born? Yikes.

anyways op... I was talking to your son and ^he told me he forgot how an axe in the head feels. You should help him out

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Pikachu looks scary in real life.

Either he is very smart or he is very stupid

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Ya, he needs to be on that show jackass... Since he likes to try all these daring things.

Maybe he's one of those people who enjoy pain as pleasure

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Wondering when op will realize her son has a psychological issue? Seems like he isn't the only idiot.

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i don't think so. not unless he's gay or something, right? :D

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You shall try EVERYTHING once. Except the things that will shorten your lifespan.

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No, I think he remembers how it feels like. Hehe

5 - I've tried anal and I'm not gay. Not everyone who takes it up the arse is homosexual!

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Wtf 39 you're a chick. You trying anal doesn't make you gay. It makes you a girl who has tried anal LMFAO

I think someone was boasting and did it wrong. They are boasting rights, though.

You are a female. But no it wouldn't make a male gay nescarily (sp)

64 - She's just playing love games with you

Where did *anyone* say that anal sex implies homosexuality? Nice attention whoring fail, Einstein.

152 - the person who did had their comment deleted, idiot. as for everyone else, i'm aware that i'm a girl, thanks, but the original person i was replying to said "anyone who has anal is gay" so i was proving a point. and being a girl who's tried anal doesn't make me NOT gay - for all you know i could be a lesbian with a *****. mwahhh.

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Watch out for this one. Don't be surprised if he kills someone and say he wanted to see what it felt like.

If he does that op raised more than an idiot she raised a lunatic. And when a kid screws up in the adult world that big, people do say it's the parents fault. But anyway, I really don't see that happening. Even if ops son is a little dumb, I don't think he is that dumb. It's like comparing a peach to earth

Once I put my hand on a stovetop to see how long it would burn. Curiosity is deadly.

Hope to Zeus he doesn't realize he doesn't remember what being birthed was like.

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You know, he could have a problem with self harming and just be using those words with an excuse. Instead of calling him an idiot you should make sure that he's feeling okay.

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I don't like you, people take these stories to heart. Like this girl is gonna take advice on her child from fml..

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#22 - Well, unlike you, at least they have a heart and enough concern to give this woman advice, whether she takes it or not.

CallMeMcFeeli. Unlike you, some people are kind enough to say what they want to help the OP's, instead of saying shit like "take it like a man", "grow a pair", "ignore it, i'll go away", "man up" or some other shit. Don't like it, leave. Ass-clown...

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Exactly. It is sad when someone calls their son an idiot. This kid has other issues that the parent needs to focus on. He may be 18 but he is still trying to ask for help.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Lol you guys..jeez I feel so loved. ******* try hards. You act like I'm a modern day hitler for saying something completely sarcastic. But whatever you can be the fml licensed therapist and evaluate all these people in fictional stories. At least you got some homies on the Internet right? But I do like you guys, you're my best friends! Haha.

84- you weren't being sarcastic, you were just being a dumbass. I hate it when people make an idiotic comment that causes everyone to bash them and then try to play it off as " woah you guys chill out I was just being sarcastic lol".

Face it, you lose. Leave now or forever hold you peace while I torture you.

Could also just be somebody into pain... Just a thought.

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84- You seem to be taking this a just a little bit too seriously. After all like you pointed out, this is the Internet. Who cares what these people think you'll never meet them.

Ya just like the people in the twin towers never met them either. It's called human compassion something this work needs alot more of.

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How the **** do you guys no he/she wasn't being sarcastic. Quite frankly I have one thing to say, you're all a load of dumb asses for carrying out this argument. I mean honestly. Come on, it's the Internet. I may be a dumb ass for fighting this, but at least I ******* admit it!

I dont think his issue has anything to do with him being an idiot. Just like there's a deficiency of a nutritional component in certain individuals that make them eat crap like chalk and concrete shavings, there a few chemical imbalances in your brain that will make you carry out peculiar things... I for one share this type of behavior, which is not masochist, but i do feel the rush and curiosity of feeling different things in a non gay way. Like i have gotten tattoos in different parts of thw body to see how it feels, ive also stabbed myself (not a cutter tho) just to see how it feels. I think it spikes my brain with whatever the hell its missing and i always wanted to feel a gunshot, but thats another story.... And in my late twenties, i am a computer programmer and a private pilot, which i think proves i am not an idiot and its far more than what a lot of people here can account for... So i understand OP's son.

My thoughts exactly. He could be extremely depressed. I almost killed myself right under my dad and stepmother's noses when I was young because they didn't see the signs and my stepmother thought I was an idiot. Truth is, everything she would punish or talk down to me for were cries for help and she never knew it. Still doesn't. Please speak with your children and find out what's REALLY going on. It may save their lives.

Well not all people come out as smart as others

perdix 29

Did you use a rectal thermometer on him when he was a little kid? If so, you may want to phone home before you get there so you don't catch him recalling that.