By Anonymous - 09/04/2012 22:32 - United States - Fredericksburg

Today, I had to pick my 22-year-old son up from the hospital, after he got blind drunk, got his hand stuck in a Pringles can, and got the bright idea of staggering to the local ER to get it cut off. FML
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Well, those Pringle cans are sneaky as fuck. Careful for the hand-rapes.

It was probably worth it. You wouldn't want to waste a Pringle.


It was probably worth it. You wouldn't want to waste a Pringle.

It's pringle licking good!

I would jump into piranha infested waters for a BBQ Pringle. Just kidding, but I would punch you in the face for one, so you better share.

NoisyNykkii 10

The pringle cans are waaaay to small. But I wouldnt cut off my hand..... I don't want bloody pringles.

Today, some drunk guy with a pringles can stuck on his hand almost ran me off the road...

This was Calyx's 1500th comment! Congratulations! We should celebrate somehow...

Its a 1500 comment PARTAY!!! :DD

I think some of us need to get out more...

Hahahahhahaa, once the FML universe sucks you in you dont wanna leave.

blackheart24 10

Does anyone else ever put two pringles in their mouth to make the duck bill?

Wow. I had no idea. I still haven't had one of my FMLs published though.

Calyx, me neither

hellbilly205 17

Well you will someday i mean you're only -92 years old!

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19 lol noone actually corrected you... They just thumbed you down.

BunBunBabe 8

22 how could he drive drunk with a Pringles can trapping one hand??

Hehe, a Pringles party for Calyx's 1500th comment.

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Well on the bright side at least he didn't try cutting it of hisself while drunk

Well, those Pringle cans are sneaky as fuck. Careful for the hand-rapes.

It happened so fast. I was just reaching in for a chip and... My hand will never be the same... *shiver*

It's a serious problem, I have been collecting and burning Pringles cans for as long as I can remember, and making sure I leave them with the earth-shattering crunchy snap after I devour their chippy goodness..

Once you pop, the can won't stop!

You never know when they are going to get you. I still have the nightmares. -_-

1221jamw 11

Respect the pouch! Wait..

Viciousstorms 7

I bet you're proud.

"Drunk logic" FTL. :-(

stevenJB 25

Hey!!! It's almost impossible to not get your hand stuck in a Pringles can...for me anyway. I got big hands.

Was it BBQ? If so, it's understandable.

4everblackjack 10

Mmmm BBQ *drools*

stevenJB 25

Yes. Yes, it was :3

I'll bet chicks just LOVE you

You can pour them out of the can...

NO 45 we are Americans we like to make our lives complicated!!! :)

stevenJB 25

I'm NATIVE American so yea I guess that applies even more.

yaya1213 6

Hey 91 is that ur black ops emblem?

stevenJB 25

Was for a while. Now it's a woman's figure. :)

Well you know what they say about big hands....big feet. ;)

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True dat'

bluebob13 10

At least he was of legal drinking age

Yup, as long as your legal all is forgiven.

#7: I was thinking the same thing... And sure, just because he's legal doesn't make the situation all right, but at least he was responsible enough to be of age. We all make mistakes, you live and learn. Getting a hand stuck in a Pringles can while being wasted is by far better than driving while wasted. Be thankful for that!

MissHayleyJames 7

It doesn't matter if you're of age or not, if you get so drunk you act like an idiot, YTDI. No one should have to deal with a drunken idiot. If my son was in this situation he'd better call a buddy to pick him up because I sure as hell wouldn't.

No, at least he didn't try to cut it off himself lol

The fact he made it to the ER while being blind drunk should be an impressive offset though.

well it could have been more than just alcohol....i mean, to cut your hand off? maybe a lil something was in that drink too

manyourlifesucks 0

Why arent comments automatically deleted when theyre this stupid?

87, he went to ER to have the can cut off his hand, not his hand cut off !

No one said anything about him cutting hand off!!

If I had a nickel for every time that happened to me...

If I had a nickel for every time that happened to me...

blcksocks 19 would owe the universe a few dollars?

4everblackjack 10

Ahh, you might want to keep him AWAY from the booze..

hellbilly205 17

He is 22 im pretty sure he can make his own choices...granted he got his hand stuck but that is the joy of drunkness getting into lets say "fun" situations