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That is so evil :( I can imagine the pain... my contact solution has peroxide in it x[ If you don't let it neutralize long enough: *tsizzzzzzz*


Ehh, the OP is lying. I had vinegar put directly in my eye via eyedropper (my mom thought it was the eyedrops but had vinegar there because I used to get swimmer's ear), was forced to keep the vinegar in my eye for a minute or so, and it was perfectly fine once I rinsed it out. The only way it would still be burning (which really, it's more of a stinging) is if the OP kept doing this. Also, whiteboard cleaner is WAY worse.


out of all the comments, I think this is totally the best option, op you really should do this. it will make his dick burn like he'll when he goes to jack off

make him pay i'm talkin pain missery and embarrasement hide waterproof video cameras in the shower take a video of him taking a shower then put it on the enternet

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