By afather - United States - Worthing
Today, I had to take my son to the hospital for drinking sunscreen. Apparently, he saw something on the internet that said if he drank it, his body would sweat it out and continually apply it to his body. He's 16. FML
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  cristy91  |  33

So he is an idiot, but there's an explanation to his idiocy: a company is marketing plain water as a drinkable sunscreen, it is called Harmonized Water UV Neutralizer. He probably read that and got confused. Oh, and for fun, its ingredients are "distilled water and multiple vibrational frequency blends". Definitely not regular sunscreen but at least we can understand his mental process a little better.

  StrayCatXIII  |  7

no, it's one of those fake life hacks, like if your ice cream is to hard to scoop then mocrowave your scooper for 30 seconds. it was meant as a joke but apparently people are too stupid to understand that.

  fashionbug9880  |  22

46, no it's literally called a life hack, but it's meant to be a joke. They have a whole "series" of stupid life hacks. This particular one says if you drink sunscreen, you'll sweat it out (just as the FML says). It's not the product you're thinking of.

By  Nat52482  |  25

Smh...he's only two years younger than me...he is one of the reasons our generation is made fun of. It's also why people make fun of idiots who believe everything they read online.

  christian1509  |  21

The post was from an account on ifunny called "ridiculous life hacks" I really hope this fml is a joke because I refuse to believe someone is that gullible xD