By crazy dog lady - 2/11/2020 02:02 - United States

Furry family

Today, my girlfriend got evicted for having too many dogs. She expects me to let her and all 5 dogs live in my one-bedroom apartment. When I told her no, that I’d get evicted too, she said that should be a sacrifice I’m willing to make for “our family” if I really loved her. They aren’t even my dogs. FML
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By  Sady_Ct  |  37

They are now.

By  DoctorPALO  |  11

Did you not know about 5 dogs? She most definitely deserves it. Where does she think you'll all live if you get evicted, too? Does she have parents or siblings who could take some of the dogs? I appreciate it if they are rescue dogs, but part of being a responsible pet owner is having adequate living arrangements.