By Anonymous - 13/10/2014 00:38 - United States - Racine

Today, my son drank a bottle of hot sauce. It wasn't a dare, he actually thought that it would give him a fever so that he could skip school tomorrow. This idiot is 15 years old. FML
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I wonder how painful it will be when he *****....

He is going to regret it when he takes a dump


I wonder how painful it will be when he *****....

On a scale of 1 to wasabi, probably death.

Feed him yogurt, lots of yogurt. It won't prevent the coming pain but it will ease it. Also buy preparation H in bulk, he will need it.

in bulk? I say if he's that stupid to drink a bottle of hot sauce, he would probably eat the preparation H.

if he's this dumb to think this would work, he deserves to endure the pain of ******** it out.

shanebob 15

But #40, he'll be able to whistle really well!

He is going to regret it when he takes a dump

I bet he still has his pacifier and diaper

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His new nickname is Hotass! Haha

Gives new meaning to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire.

stellamahone 4

lol that sounds like what my bf would do to get out of working. he's 25 if it makes you feel any better

Please don't have children with him. We need less idiots in the world :(

meli1195 31

well, don't you just say the sweetest things to total strangers.

martin8337 35

I agree with #23. We have more than enough idiots in the world.

yes the gene pool is shallow enough...I will be looking for his Darwin award in the years to come.

Expletives shall be bellowing from the crapper for the next day or 2.

People do it on YouTube LA beast drinks 4 large bottles of sriricha

Monkey tend to be pretty smart . I feel like you just insulted a whole species ...

Oh well... His son has the IQ of Sid from ice age lol

littleteapot 21

Monkeys have tails. Apes do not. You should know this stuff!

That's a joke too mean for Sid. He would at least know not to do that

Fire crotch comes to mind. Cause it's not just going to be his ass that burns.

The only fever he's gonna get is the flaming one from his ass

You are sick to call him an idiot Remember the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

Axel5238 29

The parents aren't always to blame. Kids will try and do stupid shit no matter what. People gotta stop blaming parents for all the stupid shit kids do.

RussRuss 7

He drank a bottle of hour sauce thinking it would give him a fever. Any decent brain would know that's not true, he's a idiot.

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Why are you blaming the parents? I know people who grew up with good parents and they turned out to be idiots. I also know people who grew up with horrible and abusive parents, they turned out to be intelligent people with successful jobs. It is not always the parents fault that their kids turned out to be idiots.

Apple may not fall far from the tree, but sometimes it will roll down a hill... A really long one

Hopefully he doesn't get too sick... He will learn! FYL for having to take care of him!