By Anonymous - United States - Rowland Heights
Today, my husband and I were arguing, but I dropped it so we could calm down before discussing the matter again. Later on, he made us lasagna. The moment I swallowed the first mouthful, he smirked, then started snickering uncontrollably. What the fuck did he do to my food? FML
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I guess we should be expecting a second fml some time in the very near future. something along the lines of "you know that fml I posted yesterday? yeah, that was a laxative lasagna,fml"

  Cleu  |  12

To be honest though I'd rather have laxatives in my food instead of "special sauce." Also sometimes the best prank you can do is no prank at all as he who laughs last laughs longest.

  Ambient25  |  24

OP should consider revenge. If her husband works out she should buy some estrogen powder to mix with his protein powder or replace his shampoo with Nair. If she wants to get immature with it, she could always sharpee a giant penis on the back of his neck or put an open can of sardines inside his car's air filter.

  stoych  |  19

Wow, consider myself buried!!! I was actually seconding the first comment, as in 'always let the cook have the first bite' can't quite see why it got thumbed down 46 times but never mind, I'll take it on the chin :0)

  LexSwift  |  17

"This ain't The fucking Help, bitch. -.-"
Don't know if anyone will get the Orange Is The New Black reference there.
(I mean no disrespect, #9. I just felt the reference was fitting lol.)

  MrSassypants  |  32

Doc has done something like that before, but not to food, but to a person during surgery. It was done to some patient being an asshole. It was uncalled for, but the ultimate revenge by having a man for the rest his life have a pubic hair attached to one of his kidneys.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I do that from time to time. If a friend asks to use my water bottle or something similar, I'll hand it over with a goofy smile on my face just to fuck with em a bit. I'd never actually do anything sinister to it, but it is a wee bit entertaining seeing the look of utter confusion on their face. Now people that actually do something to said bottle or food, they're just a fucking asshole..