By TzarErik - United States - Fort Collins
Today, at work in a library, I found a dirty diaper stuffed under one of the public use computer desks. Not only was it leaking, but it had been run over several times by a rolling office chair. I had to clean it up. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

11, It's totally acceptable to bring children to the library, there's actually an entire section just for them. There's no reason for a mother to not bring her child, especially a baby seeing as they sleep so much anyways, unless the child is having some sort of fit or being crazy loud or crying.

  kaseyyeahh  |  7

loads of people. there are programs put on by libraries for infants. also some have a free wellness clinic thing where women can get general checkups and advice. also there are picture books for infants. and ive seen three year olds in diapers, and at that age they usually enjoy picking out their own books.

  kaseyyeahh  |  7

A library isnt just 'a quiet place', its has programs for children and loads of books for children. Children are the main focus of libraries. get em while theyre young, teach them reading is awesome and learning is great.
So dont think like that. Definitely bring your kids to the library, as much as you can. there are loads of picture books and easy readers for them to look at.

just dont stuff their diapers under the desk, or dont let them do it please!

  skyeyez9  |  24

Libraries have "story time" for toddlers, crafts and activities as well. At least all the ones I have been to. The kids book sections is really nice and they have all kinds of stuffed animals and mini tables for them. A library is very child friendly. Unfortunately, you sometimes get nasty, disgusting, ill bred parents into the mix like OP had to deal with.

  chinaski7628  |  32

I love seeing kids at the library. It usually means their parents are doing something right. All of that free knowledge and entertainment... Who wouldn't take their kids to the library?

By  slutfactory  |  17

People who randomly discard diapers disgust me. Whether it be in parking lots, shopping carts, and now apparently libraries, it is in no way appropriate. It isn't too hard to locate a trash bin.


I used to work at a movie theater and we'd find used diapers in the theaters. Really, people? Not only can you not take 5 minutes from the movie to change your kid, but you change him in front of everyone and then toss the diaper on the ground... We sure appreciate cleaning it up!...not.

By  ELoni_fml  |  25

In Amsterdam baby's are banned from libraries, of course that's because of the noise risk but next time a mother starts whining about bringing her little germ sack I'll show her this FML ;)

By  nomtard  |  16

I honestly think the diaper isn't the worst part of this FML; it's the sheer disrespect to public property like a library that adds to my steady decline in faith in humanity.

By  joemud  |  13

The worst part is that someone ran it over and it was most likely the person who left it for you, maybe you can catch them in the act next time, keep your eye peeled for an infant discarding his/her diaper