By anon - 20/06/2014 05:06 - United States - Kennett

Today, I woke up and put my contacts in. It appears that I got drunk enough last night that instead of soaking my contacts in contact solution, I used mouthwash. FML
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Mouthwash in the eyes doesn't tickle? My life is a lie...

cryssycakesx3 22

the burn means it's working!

I sincerely hope that you didn't forget to floss your eyebrows.

juststephhere 23

My eyes are on fire... That would be excruciating!

Could've been worse OP could've put them in Listerine. That shit is like acid ._.

At least you still have decent enough eyesight to post this on FML

False, speech to text at its finest.

flashback.miss 28

yikes, hopefully your eyes are better with some TLC

Why is your profile picture of OP's eye?

nellbell414 13

Eww wtf is your profile picture!?

i read this as "hope your eyes get better with some Thc"

or jam. If I remember the last times this was discussed.

jad0016 12

Well at least you know your eyes are clean now

91hayek 31

How dirty are eyes to begin with?

jad0016 12

depends on what you look at

Dirty eyes? Clean them up! With Orbit.

Ya gotta fight gingivitis somehow! And don't forget to brush your teeth to prevent that horrible gum disease glaucoma.

You're lucky you can still see- I know a lad who drunkenly put his in a hair wax lid with water in, put them in the next morning and went completely blind for almost a week.

That'd be so scary lol I woke up once without being able to see with my right eye and barely able to see with my left. It Was a nightmare !

Look ok the bright your eyes are pearly white!

Probably ruby red for the time being.

angrymexicanwee 8

At least you wont have cavities in your eyes;)

myoukei 31

Well he might if the mouthwash burns holes in the sensitive tissue