Freaked out

By radioinvader - 28/10/2012 12:29 - Canada - Kingston

Today, my coworker and I were sitting and eating lunch. We noticed a little kid kept staring at us, and every time we looked away he would come a little bit closer. When he was right behind us, I looked and was startled enough to jump. The parents were three tables down, laughing uncontrollably. FML
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brohamas16 7

Hah I'd make my kid do the same thing

Slenderman: Origins


brohamas16 7

Hah I'd make my kid do the same thing

Those parents are awesome.

He's the human version on ninja cat. I salute his parents!

kat4x1track 5

I'm pretty sure someone would slap the kid if they were scared enough. Haha

Little kids can get away with that kind of stuff :)

Is this the heir of slenderman?

7, 8, he has a rake?

looloothing 9

It's like those angels on Dr Who.

This should be on Not Always Right OP MAKE IT HAPPEN

Watch out OP..he's coming for you..

Yea he's coming for you! All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run, faster than my gun :)

SweetieForEva 3

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run and run faster than my bullet

1... 2... Their kid's coming for you...

67) 3, 4, better lock your door.

spiritfang11237 16

88- 5. 6. Hear the cracking sticks?

technochik3 12

watcha gonna do when he comes for you?

88- it should be "5,6 grab a crucifix"

Slenderman: Origins

No no, IT'S THE WEEPING ANGELS! Doctor Who anyone... :)

The comment you're looking for is down there: vvv (#12) :p

This is not the comment you're looking for...

He can go about his business…

LiesAndMischief 4

Slenderman's a better reference in my opinion, anyway. :P

And the static grew in strength, filling the whole screen.

radioinvader 9

Good thing I work at a service centre. That kid was long gone by the time I left that day.

they're coming to get you Barbara... Er... OP.

Makes me think of the Paranormal Activity 4 commercial for some reason..

sumbum95 15

I saw that last night... Creeepy.

Girreth 7

Not sure if SCP reference or Minecraft reference...

SenselessPattern 12

God damnit, which one of you D-Class personnel let SCP-173 out of containment? You're going to be [REDACTED] immediately.

Enderman! Don't look into his eyes!

Quick, kill the parents. Wouldn't want them to raise more kids and teach them to be trolls.

FlyinTurtle 7

Well that escalated quickly!

That didn't escalate, that skyrocketed.

He's watched the Ninja Cat video too many times.

Totally what I was thinking! lol

Me too! It's a ninja baby!

BriannaRWatson 13

Children these days...bahaha!

CheeseTron 15

What are you? A sheep?

CheeseTron 15

Nevermind guys. Totally thought that was a "b"

CheeseTron 15

Wait a second! It is a "b"! Sheep! Sheeeeeeeeeeeep!

SenselessPattern 12

If a sheep went "bahaha", I would probably shit a brick.

Sheep do make that noise. Just uh... FYI

Really? And all this time I thought they just said "baa." Thank goodness for you to correct me on this, now quick call all child book authors and toy makers so they can make the necessary adjustments.

mhopper 13

Red light! Green light!

Guess nobody enjoys "Red light. Green light. Slenderman" like I do. *shrugs*

I don't. I like to throw raves for him.