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By  SweetestSin  |  4

Sorry but YDI! Sadly my husband hasn't learned this either as I couldn't celebrate the start of Christmas with awesome sex because my husband was too busy with the xbox. Don't turn her down and you won't get turned down

  perdix  |  29

Any man who is worth a damn will always prefer his wife's box over an Xbox! ;)

@OP: Dude, there's a double standard and I don't think many people think it is unfair. A wife can reject her husband from time to time and he should handle it like it's no big deal, but husbands can NEVER reject their wives (maybe there are some rare occasions where he can.)

To a woman, when her husband turns her down for sex, it means one (or both) of two things:
1) He's getting it somewhere else
2) He is not attracted to her.
Both are pretty deadly blows to a woman, and your recovery from them will be difficult if it can be achieved at all. When you sign up for marriage, you'd better be ready to give it up to your wife on demand, or prepare to lead a cold life.

  jmcr  |  27

Not true my bf rejected me for sex only when he is too tired to after a long day and thats understandable the thing is that op's wife wanted to have sex but he turned her down so she was taking care of it herself and so HE got horny and wanted sex after that i think its fair to say in this scenario he had it coming