By Anonymous - United States
Today, my toddler stood up in a shopping cart and fell, giving himself a black eye. Later, while at a restaurant, he tried to stand up in his high-chair. I quickly blurted out, "Sit down! Do you want another one of those?" while pointing at his eye. The waiter wouldn’t stop glaring at me. FML
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  iSitt  |  0

it's a scary time to have an injured child.
Officials do not get punished if they report child abuse though it turns out to be false. But they lose their jobs and get sued if they don't report it and it turns out there was abuse.
So the accusations fly just to protect themselves and innocent families get traumatized.

  TysGrl  |  0

To all you ignorant child abusers: hitting children causes aggressive behavior and sexual problems. @TheRealFamilyGuy: we may not have Paris Hiltons & Lindsay Lohans, but instead we'd have Charles Mansons & Scott Petersons & every sex offender in the world. Good job "parenting" your future convicts and sexoffenders :D

  zythek  |  5

Actually it's not boxing. He is the worlds youngest mixed martial artist. I would watch my back if I were you OP, when he throws a temper tantrum you could be in trouble...

By  Jimboom  |  11

Lol. Thats funny as hell.
And don't feel too bad. As parents you cannot wrap your children in cotton wool and sometimes they will only learn by hurting themselves. Chances are they will not do the same stupid thing twice, but sometimes you have to remind them.
Heck, I myself found that my parents warning of not running into the house from outside was well founded as I ran into the glass sliding door full on once.. and only once.

Though saying all that, if by a toddler you mean one that is still in nappies then chances are they won't understand your warning anyway as their grasp of vocabulary may still be a bit limited at this point.

  Ericca26  |  5

if his comment was so durrrr why couldnt you post something as intelligent as his comment? he had a point and it was right on. the comment you just made deserves a durrr, not his.

  LadyNightowl  |  17

You would be surprised what they understand at that age.
I have a two year old who doesn't speak very clearly (most of the time I'm the only one who understands him) but you can tell by the way he responds that he understands everything I say.
One of the advantages to never using "baby talk" with him.