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Today, I met my wife's mistress, at the maternity ward in the hospital, after she gave birth to our second child. FML
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Well that has to be one of the awkwardest situations I can imagine


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I'm confused. is this getting up voted because it's in French? cause it's the same thing as #1 which is being down voted

To be completely honest, #70 is right, so I don't know why he's getting down voted haha.

Well that has to be one of the awkwardest situations I can imagine

sorry to hear that OP. Hope you can resolve it, and congrats on the baby!

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resolve it by taking the kids and leaving the bitch. cheating is cheating.

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Sadly, the courts will almost always side with the women and she will end up with the kids.

Not true, if you only look at cases where the man wants custody over his kids, I think the statistic is around 60 or 70% that they will get full custody. Most men just don't want custody over their kids, which is why it looks like women get custody more often.

Oh, 55. If only you know how often abusive asshole fathers get custody of their children so they can use them as pawns to torture their mother.

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And vice versa.. hubby's ex did this to him.

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57- where did you get that statistic? I can't find it anywhere.

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59- that's funny because women do the same thing to men. My brothers girlfriend took complete custody of their daughter and basically never lets him see her or talk to her other than the minimum the court decided. Even during her birthdays he can't see her. He only gets every other weekend according to the court, and she even tells the daughter how much "daddy hates her." She's basically flaunting it in his face, all the while she happily collects court ordered child support. Really, you're stupid if you think this doesn't happen to men too.

#71, You're stupid if your didn't realize I was merely responding to your incorrect assertion that courts almost always give women custody. My point was that children often end up in the hands of abusive fathers as well. This is because the courts usually side with whichever parent is more manipulative, regardless of the parent's gender, because judges are merely humans, and as humans they are susceptible to lies and manipulation like anybody else. I absolutely did NOT claim that women cannot also be abusers who use their children to cause the other parent pain. If you disagree with me, that's fine, but there's no need to be rude or to act like I made a claim that I didn't.

You're stupid if *you didn't realize... Damn it! The worst possible sentence in which to make a typo! **** you, Swype!

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Wow, really just look it up. The numbers are all there and if you want to ignore them, go ahead but don't respond back pretending you know what your talking about. Just search it. Women most often get it because they are considered the "primary caregiver," especially because the bond between mother and child is greater than father and child in most circumstances that don't include abusive behavior and the child is fairly young. It's just a fact of nature.

I did look it up. You know what the first result was? An article entitled "Dispelling The Myth of Gender Bias In The Family Court System."

Haha. In my experience, people who care enough to debate an issue and yet say "look it up" or "do the research" instead of actually providing proof tend to be full of shit. I'm willing to bet mds9986's idea of researching gender inequality is browsing /r/theredpill and reading neckbeard forums.

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88- yeah and that article only goes over the fact that, in hard writing, there is no law saying there can be bias, but look at the actual numbers, women clearly get custody more than men. A crying women can sway a court much easier than a crying man. 89- I said look it up because you can't post links on here. Don't be stupid.

Yeah you can, look, I'll post the link to your browser's home page: See? And you're talking about "the numbers" and yet you don't provide any proof, after you said how interested you were to see where 57's statistics came from? Now there's an actual double standard. In any case, numbers alone are meaningless.

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Here you go then Any more questions?

Actually, 90, the article explained that only 4% of custody decisions are made by the court. Usually the divorcing couple decides on their own that the mother should be the primary custodian. I don't have actual statistics for what I'm about to say next, but, it's been my personal experience speaking with survivors of domestic violence, that when there is an abusive, vindictive father who sues for child custody, that the mother's and children's rights are in great peril.

93, yeah one more question: "There, was that so hard?" But as Gracehi says, those figures don't deal only with court orders, so you can't use them as a whole to defend what you said about court orders and gender bias by judges.

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But I'm actually talking about the times where both want custody and it's decided in the courts. Regardless, it's obvious that if a father can be proven to be abusive, he won't get custody. But it's funny how subjective "abusive" is and how easy a women can twist a story compared to a man. Really, look at those graphs. There's a clear difference.

actually, until recently... the last 2 decades or so, women got the kids probably 95% of the time. and it didn't happen over night. It was a little here, a little there. so saying that it's not true that women get the kid most of the time depends on how far back you go. and btw, we are all capable of being pos to our ex's, whether kids are involved or not.

#96, You'd think abusive behavior would "obviously" disqualify someone from attaining even partial custody of their children, because that's "obviously" the way it should be. But if you really knew anything about that subject, you'd know that it often doesn't, especially when so far the only proven cases of abuse have been against the other parent. The logic that judges often have is that just because a person is abusive to their husband or wife doesn't necessarily mean they'll be abusive to their children. Also, a parent has a "right" to be in their minor child's life, and it's very difficult to take that right away. And you're coming off as extremely sexist when you say that women "twist" things to make things out to be abuse when they aren't. Usually, abuse victims are more likely not to address the abuse in public than they are to make false allegations. If someone is "twisting" things and telling lies, it's usually an abuser, which is how children end up in the hands of both abusive mothers and fathers.

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Maybe I misinterpreted you talking About abuse as direct abuse toward the child, not the other parent. Regardless, just like any other issue regarding any laws, people fall through the cracks. Innocent people end up in prison, murderers walk free, and children end up with bad parents. Regardless, I'm not saying women twist stories. I said it is easier for them to twist stories. Any rape case of a girl accusing a man of rape when it was consensual just requires a crying women and a story to get the man labeled as a sex offender the the women get support as a "victim." If you think judges are truly neutral on these subjects you're really ignorant. They're supposed to be, but in the end it comes down to what he thinks, and more often then not, looking at the numbers and social reasoning, it's obvious women can more easily get the child if they want it, and often they do. I'm not being sexist, it's reality.

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I'm sure adultery holds up in court fairly well too. So no dividing half of his stuff, no alimony checks (your woman can provide for you now as well), and the wife's bad morals makes him getting custody THAT much easier. Don't cheat people, there's really no point. Unless you're a ****.

It clearly makes you finding yourself a mistress fair game OP. In all seriousness though, don't let her actions come between you and you're child!

This sounds exactly like the episode of friends.

I'm sorry OP. That's an awful situation. Good luck to you and your family!

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