By Anonymous - United States - El Cajon
Today, a coworker at school yelled at one of our students to be quiet. The kid got pretty upset, so I went to comfort him. He held my hand for the rest of the class, telling me in vivid detail how he was going to kill my coworker. Now I'm afraid to look at him. FML
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  anythingmustbe  |  18

How old is this kid?*

  j_729  |  18

On any call of duty game you can find 8-10 year olds. I even know a 10 year old with gta v. Its ridicules how young some kids are exposed to violence/torturing in video games and tv

By  annie_nk  |  22

Because holding his hand comforted him, it sounds like he's elementary age. If so, simply tell him it isn't okay to talk like that. But no matter his age, I think he should talk to a school counselor. There might be some underlying problems since he was so blunt and free about a scary topic.


I have to agree, but you have to be very careful about the way you put it. I should know - I was pretty much the exact same way up until I was 12. If you go with a very condescending, scolding attitude, the immediate tendency is to associate you as an "enemy", and if they do end up becoming mentally ill enough they may react violently towards those people that they associate with that. You have to make sure that you make it very clear that you're telling them because you care about them and don't want them to have troubles down the road.