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Today, I was at a restaurant, and I saw my friend. When we made eye contact, I made a creepy face at her and twitched my arms to make her laugh. A woman looked over said sadly, "Oh my God, that poor girl!" She thought I was "special." FML
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That's when you get up and give the woman a huge hug, twitching and all.

nofearjenshere 12

Why would that woman say that in he first place, even if you really were mentally handicapped, that's rude of her to say, "Oh my God, that poor girl."


Jewlz1162 5

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You're* if you're going to call someone an idiot you should probably use proper english to do so...

jebron 13

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BarDownDaily 12

The women sounds like an asshole for saying that so loud, especially if she actually thought you were mentally challenged.

33loveyou 2

Haha that's hilarious. She not an idiot because she knows how to have fun. kids that age always do random stuff like that to their friends! I would have just laughed at the woman for being rude and completely wrong.

TheFamilyElf 17

Right, OP's an idiot because it's totally out of the ordinary to make a face at a friend across a room. :P

You're* an idiot. I mean that in two ways: To correct your idiocy and to call you an idiot for your idiocy. Loser.

#1 - What's wrong with making weird faces? There are no rules when it comes to having fun. Just because she shared a joke with a friend doesn't make the OP an idiot. Your comment makes you an idiot.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

#1- Your profile pic makes you look like a slutty idiot. Stupid bitch...

desireev 17

Says the Chewie-looking girl who's profile is nothing but an obnoxious run-on sentence and can't use the correct usage of 'you're'... *Ugh!*

b0ngs 7

^ That was mean! ...oh yeah, this is FML! Never mind...

61, I usually like your comments, but I don't agree with attacking looks. Many people can't really do anything about it. It really messes with a person when you attack them. Also, she's only 14. Attack her intelligence, she can study more.

Lol @ you.. You don't think you're a loser for actually caring about someone's grammar on the internet and taking the time to correct them and tell them off for it? Well guess what, you are a loser. The person you're crying to about their spelling isn't even a loser at all but you are for being a grammar nazi you moron. Get a life and get over yourself

Grammar nazi's C'mon. For once. Stop correcting people. Nobody wants to hear that. Oh. I spelt you're wrong? Go fudge yourself.

CrassKal 27

Why is this a FML? You know that you are not mentally handicapped, and that observation was made based on a face you were making. And why should you care what some random stranger thinks about how you appear? Especially if she is rude enough to loudly announce a persons mental handicap.

Ya that just isn't something u say out loud whether u think the person is or not

you mean you're as in maybe you're an idiot

xMiss_Maggot 7

next time dont do that in public

youjustmademelol 4

You deserve it for pretending to be special needs, why does it matter anyway you won't see her again

33loveyou 2

I don't think she was pretending to be "special" she was just trying to make her friend laugh. Is there anything wrong with that?

pedosmurf 7

Haha I love my body expressions

1. If you were trying to imitate a special needs person, that's not ******* funny. 2. If you were just doing that to be funny, that's not funny.

DCvRkey2012 7

3. If you were trying to be funny, it didn't work bro

**** that, doing that in public is what makes it fun. If it was me, I'd have gone on to act even crazier. But, then again, I'm a regular FML commenter so I'm about as far away from an ideal reference as you can get.

It's not cool to embarrass your friend like that.

If you're talking about the friend embarrassing OP, she didn't. The lady she was with assumed something, and if you're talking about OP embarrassing the friend, again, she didn't. She just went pedobear mode.

^^your comment was sillier then the one you were just bagging out. :)

Cat_Daniels 6

Umm OP wasn't trying to embarrass his/her friend... Face it we all make faces at our friends wether in public or not.

florido_fml 10
TheElderTROLLZ 15

29 - What the hell did you just say?

mwrc8man94 1

He said "u is u is lol smiley face"

hahafylop 4

TheElderTROLLZ-you are quickly becoming one of my favorite commenters. At least of this time period. Ah, how I miss the regular comments of iicaptain, DocBastard, and perdix. There were a few other good ones, but I haven't been on here in the last 6 months so i don't remember their names...

Maybe I can translate..."you are, you are lol :)" ...or am I just way off?

@77 - Here, have some lotion and tissue...

Sounds to me like iamyummylicious is a bit jealous that he wasn't mentioned as a favourite commenter. Maybe if you didn't act like such a **** people might just like you and your comments more.

100- Trust him. He's a docter. Dr. Pepper reference anybody? No? *Goes back into dark hole and hides*

mwrc8man94 1

If you didn't add all that weird shit at the end and had spelled doctor correctly that had potential to be funny.

SayPeanuts 29

Well if you're going to do weird shit in public what do you expect. Plus you're probably never going to see that woman again so it's no biggie.

Redoxx_fml 22

"Attention restaurant customers, Testicles! That is all..."

That's when you get up and give the woman a huge hug, twitching and all.

I would accidentally spill coffee on her.

KiddNYC1O 20

How would you like someone to spill coffee on you?

^ How would you like to be called special?

Then ask for money to help pay for the bills for your pills!!!!

ChrisTheCalm 9

What grinds my balls mainly is why the person would announce a retard next to her.. Nobody makes fun of the retarded that much anymore, so tone it down , that's my comment I would have said .

nofearjenshere 12

Why would that woman say that in he first place, even if you really were mentally handicapped, that's rude of her to say, "Oh my God, that poor girl."

These comments suck lol and that's not an FML it's a funny story to tell later