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Today, my husband thought it would be funny to tell my 10-year-old son that if he wanted to get girls, he had to do the Gangnam Style. My son has now non-stop been doing the Gangnam Style. FML
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Where's the "Your life is amazing!" Button xD

^ HEEEEEEY! That's your baby! NOPE, NOPE NOPE NOPE.

That's how I met my boyfriend. ;) Gangnam style is sexy lol

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And I thumb up almost every post on this thread.

That is so ******* awesome. A guy I used to like is obsessed with Gangnam style

^Used to like? You mean, until he became obsessed with Gangnam Style?

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Fail. And even if u were...WHO CARES

I bet you feel like a real jackass right now.

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Lol, worst firstgasm fail I've seen yet. xD

akma89, since I'm such a kind person, unlike these people, just don't comment "accomplishments" okay? Okie dokie then, you're welcome sir. Have a nice day or some shit related to what nice people say.

I thought they moderated comments that said "first".

24- no, leave it up. I want to remember this as a quintessence of failure.

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What'd this guy say? It got some (un)wanted attention it seems.

I think that is the best thing I have ever heard..

It's perfect! King of all pranks! As long as no one thinks he's having a seizure.

If performed correctly Gangnam style can heal seizures. It is quite the handy skill for a 10 year old to obtain if I do say so myself.

Indeed, you know that little kid is gonna have the girls all over him, cause the ladies love a man who can dance

3- two things; 1. You didn't hear it, you simply read it. 2. If that is the best thing you have ever read i feel sorry for you

115:- someone might have read this FML to 3 before he commented on it...therefore he did in fact "hear" it. Also, I'm pretty sure people refer to stuff they read in the paper as "hearing it in the paper". Also, you're an ass for not finding this hilarious.

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Gangnam style has only been out for like a little while..

Lol 7 I remember that viral Internet post. "She then begged me to impregnate her..." freaking classic.

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Maybe that's how Ted "met their mother"!

They have only been maried a little while.

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What is "your comment" becase it really doesn't make any sense.

...really? "Oppan Gangnam style!" is a line in the song. The dance is actually referred to as the "horse dance" (or at least it is in k-pop circles), so fail on both counts.

49- so THAT'S why they're in the horse stables..... well I've done my learning for today, I'm going to bed.

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54 - I don't think she was refering to you.

59; Yeah I realized that after quite some time(: thanks though and sorry 49~

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Avid kpop fan? Seriously? Then tell me, good sir, why you do not know the line you are referring to in that song? Oppa has no "n" at the end of it and anyone who was even somewhat a fan would know that. Goodbye and good day.

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Chill 90 it does have a "n" at the end. I have been a kpop fan since 2008 and oppa means elder brother. Oppan gangnam style means elder brother lives a gangnam lifestyle. Without the "n" it would be elder brother gangnam style which wouldn't make sense. Before you claim that you know everything get your facts right. I welcome all the new kpop fans. Aja Aja fighting!

Firstly 90, I am not a sir I am a ma'm and I don't like pointless arguments so I don't think I would reply to something without knowing what it is first. Fellow VIP to my rescue! Thanks 108(:

Mideoyeo- now you probably feel like an idiot right

134: I'm just a tiny bit confused as to why I'd be feeling like an idiot right now. If its because of the retort I made to 49 when she wasn't talking to me then no, I don't feel like an idiot because it was an honest mistake.

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Lol you guys are seriously arguing about who's the biggest 'kpop fan' haha. That's gotta be the dumbest argument I've read on FML. Who listens to Korean pop!?

141: Aww, I'm sorry that I believe in expanding my horizons. Listening to rap, hip hop, rock, or just plain English music all the time can get a bit too boring for some people. Plus, I also don't think any one here is arguing about whose the bigger kpop fan.

144 - that's one of the dumbest things to say... You listen to music because "you like it". You travel to the foreign countries they are native to, to "expand your horizons"

Funny you should say that. You yourself seemed to have replied to an arguement without fully understanding who it was even directed at...

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The name of the song is Oppa gangnam style. Look it up. There will never be an "n" at the end of it no matter where you go unless you yourself go on YouTube or something and misspell it. So, once again, the ignorance of these "avid kpop fans" insults me.

-162 really? The only namw ive ever seen for it is Gangam Style. there is no oppa OR oppan in front of it.

I thumbed down every comment on this thread. THE INTERNET IS NOT FOR ARGUING! Stupid *******.

54 What kind of kpop fan doesn't know its OPPA gangnam style?

americananarchy 3

80- finally!!! Someone who actually knows wtf they're tlking about! Thank you very much

You do know that Gangnam is the name if a south Korean city that he is referring to and the artist's name is Psy right?

Yes. I was referring to the name of the song. I was afraid someone would say, "who's PSY?", and then I'd have to bring out the machete.

34- Not to get too nerdy, but Gangnam is actually a district in Seoul, ROK popular for shopping and entertainment, but also for its ancient sites. It's basically like a cross between Soho and Machu Picchu.

Proving the theory of apples and trees still holds true.

Girls especially love it when you yell at their ass.