By FailureAtLife121 - 27/06/2009 03:44 - United States

Today, I was at Disneyland with some of my friends. While eating lunch, we watched a small child get frightened by the person dressed as Mickey Mouse. We all burst out laughing only to be jumped by Chip and Dale. Apparently I scream louder than the little kid. FML
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LOL. How old are you? I bet the Chip and Dale highfived each other after.


LOL. How old are you? I bet the Chip and Dale highfived each other after.

ElmoSP3 14

And who cares? Anyways, you were shocked because they came up behind you. Not because there was somebody in a suit.

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OMG! your life is so f'cked now!! I bet you'll see all those people again too! /sarcasm. seriously, who cares?

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I'm so tired of people posting fmls that say this kinda bull. who gives a shit? so the **** what!!

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chip and Dale hmmm I have nothing to add.

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haha ur scared of costumes yeaa and i agree with 6

i very tired of hearin all these "i scream louder than a kid" stuff i swear thers so many of these FML's

Wtf are the characters "jumping" people for anyway? Going to give the poor children nightmares, they are.. how creepy o_O I'd probably scream too if two giant chipmunks with ridiculous expressions accosted me at Disneyland. *shivers*

Doesn't accost mean to engage in a fight or at least kick someone out? Or am I just mixing it up with "escort?" for the kicking out definition?

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Did 10 turn into Yoda in the second sentence?