By S. Fancyson - 16/04/2013 23:23 - United States

Today, I gave my wife a birthday present. For months she'd been talking about an expensive treadmill that she wanted, so I bought it. Her reaction when she saw it was to yell, "YOU THINK I'M FAT!" and burst into tears. FML
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If someone gave me a treadmill, that would be the best present ever.


I tend to think with women it's more like your playing football in a minefield where the other team has a map of all the safe zones

Even when you feed them, you can't please them.

I guess I wouldn't expect a guy like Squilliam Fancyson to understand women.

You can almost never win with women man. They're like cats, all happy and cuddly, and the next second they're murdering your face off. D:

To be honest...I think it was awesome he got it for her...but I think he should have bought it another time and said "I got it so I can lose weight" then tell her she can use it when ever she'd like to since she spoke about wanting it. Then he could have gotten her the treadmill but indirectly gave it to her. With out hurting her feelings. Yes? No?

Wizardo 33

With women, even if you win, you lose. They're right, you're wrong. They're smart, you're dumb. They're big, you're small and there's nothing you can do about it :'(

Are we really classifying Miss Trunchbull as a woman? She was more like a cross between a wildebeest and a bulldog

Wizardo 33

Actually Matilda's dad said that to her and Ms. Trunchbull is vivacious as ****... :L

20 - Women are pretty crazy though.. she would probably still get mad claiming that he only got it because he wanted her to use it. :P

If someone gave me a treadmill, that would be the best present ever.

u might be a fat women, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ just kidding haha

CrysisAverted 5

I think your best bet here is to say you bought it for yourself and forgot her birthday op.

wildperson 8

Good grief. That's a pretty great present IMO. I personally see running as more of a hobby than an exercise/chore.

error404n0tf0und 21

You just can't win sometimes with some women. Hopefully she calms down and gets her head together to know you were only abiding by her wishes, dah'ling.

XxXkyttiXxX 11

The female midlife crisis: you can't win.

Unless the brand name of the treadmill was FATSO, that's a pretty great present. I would have been elated to receive such a gift.