By oshitdonotwant - 08/08/2009 13:42 - United States

Today, I was having breakfast when my mom's boyfriend came and sat right across from me. He didn't try and hide the fact that he was staring at my chest and told me, "Wow, you're getting bigger." I glared at him. He winked at me. FML
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Punch the ****** and let your mom know just what a winner she's dating.

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Or you could have sex with your moms win for everybody

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yeah but the dude sounds creepy and not like some sort of hot shot.

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she wouldn't believe her. no mom or dad would believe the one they are dating would do that.

Punch the ****** and let your mom know just what a winner she's dating.

How does she deserve it for having boobs? She's a girl. She can't help it.

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@145 The reason it's sexual harrassment is because he is reffering to her boobs, which are associated with sex, and that comment was unwanted. Getting complimented for hair and grades are nice, unsexual things.

I'm just saying if that's sexual harassment then why are people fighting for boobs being exposed....doesn't make much sense

It would suck more if your mom didn't believe you.

You weren't EATING breakfast, you were HAVING breakfast!

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Idiot. She was eating her breakfast. Thus, she was eating breakfast. GrammarNaziFail

Better start setting up cams all over the place. He'll make a move eventually, and you definitely want evidence of it. Cos FML more if your mom sides with him instead of you.

then she can get video or her mom having sed on the couch :P

this fml helps prove a point i've been thinking. i think people just say you deserved it even if its obvious they didn't. and that guys a perv

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Yeah, I know right? Who would give this a YDI...

Trolls and people who think it's a fake.

My dream is one day seeing an FML that's SO horribly bad and undeserved and unfortunate, that everyone votes FML and there are zero YDI's. Chances of that: slim to none. But it'd be awesome. The whole site could just be done then, and award the entire Internets to the poor bastard that the FML belongs to.

I feel that I should point this out. You CAN, in fact, say both, FYL and YDI (though YDI definitely does NOT apply here). Also, tell you're mother about this. She would have to be a real shit to stay with this guy if he's harassing her daughter. This is not right. GET HELP!

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i say that it is FYL but O.P. wat kinda shirt were u wearing...if it was a slutty top or something revealing then it could in fact be an YDI...

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that still wouldn't make it a ydi..

Oh. My. God. Does your mom know what a pig she's dating? I would kill my boyfriend if he looked at my daughter like that...I swear.

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Ew, what a creep. I'd tell you to go to your mom about it, but there's always the chance she won't believe you. And then you'll be stuck in a house with your angry mom and her perverted boyfriend. FYL

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Blah, yeah. You have to take the chance in that she'll believe you. I told my mother when her boy friend "made a move" on me and ended up having to move out of her house.

danger, danger mrs Robinson. he sounds like trouble waiting to happen