By elvisfreak5446 - 10/08/2011 16:12 - United States

Today, I was arguing with a friend over whether or not I'm fat. She kept telling me that I was. Angry, I sat down on the chair beside her. It broke. FML
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The only thing worse than fat people are fat people who don't think they're fat.


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and that's when you fix your hair, laugh and say "I planned on doing that."

That's when you use science! Find your BMI and check a BMI chart!

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That's the point where you tell her that she's ugly and break a mirror

That chair wasn't very supportive in your argument.

The chair should work out more, he's lost his physique.

No but can't a tell someone to go to a gym?

Well maybe OP gained a lot of weight, and the friend told her so

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agree with 45. If you're having to argue whether you're fat or not...most likely you are. You understand she can SEE you? You can't just hide it!?!?! Stop being so self delusional

30 - BMI is really only used for large scale studies. Body fat percentage using a BIA reader or doing a skin fold test are the best. There is no way to tell 100%, but just for instance a man who is 8% body fat and muscular can still be considered obese. All it takes into consideration is height and weight.

I recently read an article about stool enema; not just a slightly awkward cure for severe diarrhoea, but it seems to help out the fatties as well. Now doesn't that sound like some kind of curative miracle?

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@119 actually its used in a clinical setting too, most people worth seeing will be able to tell when to and when not to apply certain methods and how to interpret the results. in a situation like this, to just show you are not overweight, its quite acceptable to use the BMI assuming the individual has no major factors altering the outcome of the equation.

no that's a good friend, as long as it's constructive. so many fatties in this world today, maybe they just need to be told they're actually fat. don't feel sorry for them. they ate. their problem. if its truely medical then I feel bad. otherwise, drop the cheeseburger lard ass, I see you. and its gross.

119- I seriously doubt OP is really muscular. I agree that those other tests are more effective; however, BMI is the easiest and quickest to calculate.

Well if OP is actually a fat one, it is a good friend for telling her the truth... What would be the point in lying? OP would just get comfortable in her non healthy/sexy fat body.. This said tho, if OP is not fat then her friend is really an idiot .. but I think the chair made it all clear..

aww. :( cheer up op, it could always be worse

Yeah.OP could have accidentally sat down on someone.Imagine how that would have turned out.

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you also could be fat, and have AIDs. Cheer up tubbs.

You could have had sex with Charlie sheen and got crabs.

You could have sat on your friend and not the chair.

Fat people are like freindships they usually don't work out.

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OP could be morbidly obese. That's much worse

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OP did! She was arguing that she WASN'T fat. Her friend argued that she was !

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I think she was trying, but the chair broke her confidence...

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sounds like she had too much self confidence...

Shes not a true friend if she tells you that your fat. She's ruining your self confidence and that is mean

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Aren't friends supposed to be the ones who argue you're not fat when you say you are?!?!

I think her self confidence broke the chair...

your so fat when you play cod and someone kills you they get a five kill streak

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now u answered ur own question for urself

gmc_blossom 21

"Ur" is such a funny "word". Just saying. I guess I'm not "cool" enough to talk "cool" on the Internet. :/ Such a pity I enjoy correct grammar and spelling.

really? cause, "just saying" isnt a complete sentence. i hate grammar nazis

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208- you kind of have to know how to use correct grammer in order to be a grammer nazi. "just saying..."

The chair might not, but that double cheeseburger at mc d agrees with you

Stop being a dick. You don't know if she has health problems making her "fat"

TheRealHouse 7

Yeah yeah that's it.. like thyroid problems and stuff. c'mon people 2/3 Americans are obese now!! Just stop already!!!

41 you don't know if 6 has "health problems" making him a "dick"

Yeah also everyones ignoring the fact...we don't even know if she's fat!! The chair couldve quite possibly been broken. I don't know many visibly overweight people that will argue that they're not fat.

41-stop making excuses. It Is not likely that the OP has health problems and u probably don't either so stop making excuses for your's and the OP's obesity and go to a gym.

41 is just saying that cause she's fat.

The only thing worse than fat people are fat people who don't think they're fat.

Or even worse skinny people who are convinced that they're fat.

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No fat people r the best! They make me smile inside XD

it's honestly disturbing to the human eye when fat chicks wear tight shirts or really short and tight short shorts. Mainly a bikini at the beach to. it's sickening. =[

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Haha, wow what a nice friend. Start going to a gym.

Yeah exactly, some friend you got there OP!

Yeah exactly, some friend you got there OP!

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heyy samara :).. u got yahoo or gmail messenger?

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At least you're not famous for being the fattest person alive, some other retard has that title. Anyway the chair could have been old and on its way out and you just sped it up a bit, might have nought to do with weight.

What a strange thing to take from this FML: you're fat, but at least you're not the fattest person in the world. Touché.

- you shoulda screamed you are 'pregnant, not fat.' sorry a chair let you down.

If she's not pregnant then what can she say? "I'm not fat, I'm bloated from eating Chinese food?"