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Today, my boss called me into his office to show me the web site of a potential business partner. When he began to type 'virginia' into google, it auto-completed his search with his recent search for 'virgin boy assholes'. I have to go on business trip with him tomorrow. I'm a young guy. FML
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hahahaha. wow... first of all, don't accept any drinks from him. and going to his room for late night "work" means you're gonna bleed from where you're not supposed to! :D and if you're at dinner and he asks you to toss his salad.... he doesn't mean the kind from a restaurant with ranch. BTW, have fun on your trip.


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hahah, wow... this whole situation is just hilarious (;

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Or super glue a cork in his asshole. So it's all closed up! ... Don't eat anything to make you have to shit though because that won't end well

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**or he could could super glue a cork in his asshole** [sorry I worded that wrong before]

I'm pretty surprised some yaoi fangirls haven't been screaming "YAOIYAOIYAOIYAOIYAOI!!!!" All over the place. Btw, if you don't know what yaoi is, please look it up, because I don't want to tell you.

My cousin reads yaoi and told me i should try. I didn't know what yaoi was then. Never EVER again(btw im a guy and my cuz isnt)

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...really? So OP's boss has a strange fetish. That doesn't make him a rapist.

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When I was reading this I thought of yaoi lmfaooo

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At least you've got something to fire back with if he ever wants to cut you from the team

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Lol! Yayoi = boy on boy action.

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Dude if you don't know. Trust me you don't want to.

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anime boy on boy action to be specific

Accidentally downvoted and this is an awkward thing to say, but gay hentai. I'm gonna go dunk my head in bleach now, k

hahahaha. wow... first of all, don't accept any drinks from him. and going to his room for late night "work" means you're gonna bleed from where you're not supposed to! :D and if you're at dinner and he asks you to toss his salad.... he doesn't mean the kind from a restaurant with ranch. BTW, have fun on your trip.

#7 is right. I was just being funny on #3, but i've worked with gay people, gone to school, parties, etc,...they're no different than anyone else. Lots of times they're even funnier and have better personalities that most. If you went on a business trip with a female coworker.. would you expect her to think that YOU are going to rape her? cmon man... gay guys are people too. chill with the homophobia...

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#8 is FTW. Everybody should take a moment to think about what he/she says. A great point, albeit based on common senses! And it is truly amazing--and disturbing too--how homophobia can rip people off their otherwise perfect everyday common senses.

wait no honestly, you're all so ******* dumb... nowhere in the fml does it say that his boss was gay. i'm not even going to explain but you guys are the dumbfucks for generalizing, not him. think about THAT, imbeciles.

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really? cause i don't know any straight males that search virgin boy assholes in their free time

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you don't have to be a homophobe to be freaked out about the high chance of your boss drugging you and ******* you in the butt

Big Gay Al's Big Gay Theme Park says differently

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are u that stupid people? he doesn't CARE if he's gay! it's the fact that he was looking for disgusting things on the web that most likely rapists look at. you jump at the chance to call people homophobic when they are just saying it's creepy.

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if the female coworker aforementioned by 8 was going on a business trip with a male whom she had seen search "virgin female coworkers assholes" on google, she would be concerned for her safety. as is our OP. in summary, the gays need to stop thinking everyone us out to get them. the world doesn't revolve around you!

You seem to have missed the point, its nothing to do with homophobia the guy typed virgin BOY assholes, it sounds more paedophilic than anything, report the guy!

True, many heterosexual men look up ****, and the vaginas/assholes of women. Does that mean we rape female coworkers? Funny FML regardless

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He was standing up for gays and you still insult him. You people really need to calm the **** down. If you saw your bosses auto complete show teen blonde pussy, and you were a young blonde, you'd be a little concerned.

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#338 - Shut the **** up!!! When you said, Im not even going to go into it," YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOUR TALKING ABOUT RETARD!!!

You just made the English language cry.

I'm sure he just wants to remember what his asshole used to look like... Before people started putting things in it.

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that's a joke right good one tho

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Like their heads, kissing up to the boss

@ #709, are you talking about the head on his shoulders?

#3 got madd hardcore.... anyway, could be worse, @ least hes not openly trying 2 get ur "virgin boy asshole" >.>''

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Also remember that depending on the browser, Google will try to insert suggested search terms. Try this in Firefox. Go to and then start typing "I am extremely" or "Why do I have" and see what hilarity pops up. And yes, even if it was his search, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Being myself gay, I can honestly say that business is business and impropriety of that sort has no place in any work-related context.

23, you don't seem to understand that his boss was searching for gay child ****. That is definitely cause for concern.

It's not child ****. In that context, "boy" just means young guy. Besides, you won't find child **** on Google.

Haha this is actually true, one time I was trying be funny so I googled how does one... And google autocompleted my sentence to how does one get herpes. I've never googled that ever.

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Wow, people are too sensitive nowadays. Learn2senseofhumor, god.

that doesn't mean that he personally has been looking up "virgin boy assholes" on Google. They have a new-ish feature that shows all kinds of possible searches based on the letters you're typing in. it would be great if he really HAD done the search himself, but 10 to 1 he didn't. sorry.

actually but google messes up sometimes though I remember when I was doing a research essay on a school computer I typed in a word that was far from inappropriate but it's first suggestion was "hot wet women pussy" so yea googles screws up sometimes

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well this is a school computer. someone could have possibly put "hot wet women pussy" on there before u

You can tell the difference between random autocompletes and previous searches, though. Previous searches are purple.

that probably means someone looked that up before you got on the computer. lol