By Kikinovak - France
Today, a driver stole the parking space I was about to pull into. I politely asked him to move. He had a go at me, so I kick his car twice, in front of a few witnesses. The car is fine. I ripped two ligaments in my foot and I'll have a cast for a month. FML
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By  Jackthestripper  |  0

The strike point is the heel. If you kick with the ball of the foot you can hyperextend the achilles tendon. If you kick with the instep you're a fucking idiot. And if you kick a car with your shin you'll have my everlasting respect.

By  suhjinko2  |  0

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By  xBlooDyANgeLx  |  0

And here is when a foot needs not to connect to anything at all.. It should've connected to someone's behind, particularly the driver's, but no, you chose the damned car.