By greg76 - 07/12/2008 03:49 - France

Today, I was on a transatlantic flight, ear plugs in my ears. The steward walked past with a plastic bag. I threw my litter into it and didn't immediately understand why he said, "Very funny, sir." It wasn't a bin bag, he was collecting for Unicef. FML
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arienh4 0

Well, aren't you generous today.

awh. at least it was an honest mistake.


arienh4 0

Well, aren't you generous today.

noobgang7 5

who cares, they aren't even non-profit a lot of the money goes to them

donate to specific charities it cover many and you might bit support those... Bo

How did you hear him say that if you were listening to music?

heyitslexx 3

It's not like he meant to :/

pommeblossom 0


awh. at least it was an honest mistake.

:/ i hope you put money in for him.

I could see where you would do that. Personally I thought he was giving you a barf bag when I read this xD

i hope you explained yourself afterwords.

justme6601 0

Unicef can go fuck itself, they deserve your trash and nothing more. Unicef leads to kiddy porn.

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MiaLoves 8

Well that was nice..

11 - an ellipse is 3 periods not as many as you feel like.

kittykat1501 31

I think 11 means "oooooaaaakkkaaayyyy..."

Amyb_fml 0

Haha like this one, bet you felt like a heel!!

Maybe not a heel; an ankle would make more sense.

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