By Kerlane - 05/12/2008 03:45 - France

Today, I was sitting on the bus on my commute to work, when I nodded off on the charming young man next to me. Something cold and wet touched me, and I looked down to see a small pool of my saliva collecting on my chest. The man thought this was hilarious. FML
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CptJackSwallows 0

I would also find it amusing.

KonM4N4Life 0

Hey, look at it this way: Atleast HE wasn't drooling on you.

want some help cleaning that up :) d u mind if i use my tongue? :P

SettoFail 9

When I read this I thought he was going to be drooling on you. I picture you as a ***** with her cleavage showing a little too offense it's just what I invision.