By Pfff - 11/12/2008 10:40 - France

Today, I argued with a boy from school over a girl. I didn't know he was a black belt judoka. I'm still in pain. FML
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# 8: agreed. No self respecting Judo kid would beat the shit out of someone in broad daylight over a girl.


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imm going to say thats bullshit as far as judo is grappling not punching and hitting

lol judo if very useful in fights, i got in a punch up, i dodged a punch in the face, ducked then flipped him onto his back, he was winded on the floor for a long time. :) it's actualy very affective, you can easily get people down, stay on top and stop them from punching you with grapples :D

I'm a boxer. that won't help you because I'm trained to hit and throw three or four punches at a time, dodge one I'll hit you three more times.

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pull a tazer or knife on that shit cuz they train on a staff still target not actual action or call in help

21 are you kidding me? with judo you can fracture someones skull if you throw them headfirst on concrete

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What we need to solve this is have a fight between... Jet Li, Jason Stathom, Mike Tyson, ummm and Richard Branson. I think I just jizzed in my pants.

A black belt in judoka is trained to counter fighting styles like that of a boxer. So.... You wouldn't win....

hahaha, I take judo : ) and that's hilarious !

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what are the odds of that? hahah good shit

oh **** judo kids. and **** fighting over women i don't need anyone to complete me!

More motivation I should take a martial art.

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**** that martial arts shit, drive byes!!

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i'm calling bullshit on this one

# 8: agreed. No self respecting Judo kid would beat the shit out of someone in broad daylight over a girl.

well i know a guy who does judo, he's a ******** and he beat somone up over a petty arguement trust! :)

If he was self-respecting, he probably didn't beat the shit outta the kid. Getting thrown on concrete, or even on a hard dirt surface can be painful, and if the OP was determined, it could have happened a few times. I took Judo for a year, and even getting thrown on the mats that were set out could hurt. I'm pretty sure that he can be stripped of his rank if he starts a fight or goes overboard after defending himself.

Even if he were to be stripped of his rank his skill level would still be that of a black belt

I agree. Im in taequndo and they teach us to defend ourselves not start fights.

I agree with 44. I take martial arts and they teach us to defend outsells if we are in danger. Not to beat the shit out of people over girls. And if he was striped of his rank than he would probably get kicked out to and wouldn't be able to learn anymore and would start to forget stuff.

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Im a jujitsu fighter and a kickboxer, they tell us not to fight outside the training area or else we will get kicked out.

I'm with everyone else in this comment thread. As a judoka, they frequently bring up the point that the "do" refers to a way of life, a path toward self-improvement, and that non-violence is the much more important answer: the fighting that we learn is only a last resort, and a form of self-defence for when we have no other options. Honestly, if this "black-belt judoka" in the FML learned anything about judo besides the sport, I'm interpreting the FML as OP attacked the guy and the guy was trying to defend himself, using the moves that he learned. A judoka ought to only use their moves when they need to, and ought to do the bare minimum to defend himself, preventing harm to anyone and only disabling, not beating the shit out of, his opponent.

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