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By  deadangel_fml  |  0

You should trust your girlfriend as long as she hasn't given you reason not to. Going to a party as the only girl is not a reason. Stop trying to control the one you love - if there's not trust it's not going to work out anyway, and if they cheat on you you very likely couldn't have prevented them from doing so by being more controlling, and then they don't deserve your attention. I know this sounds easier than it is.

  tren94  |  0

but see going to a party as the only girl and then calling at 2am DRUNK would make anybody worry. trust isn't such a big part of the equation when booze is added in.

  isallwaysme  |  27

if she's the only girl, i could come up with a few scenarios that could end bad. some people could over power her, and there's nobody there to help. She's drunk and does something (someone) she regrets, that could end a relationship. there's a number of things that could go wrong in that picture

  Unlucky_Gun  |  0

DRUNK is the key word. She's probably cheating because people tend to do dumb things when they're drunk that they wouldn't do sober. Him being the one she calls doesn't matter, and it doesn't have anything to do ith this

  I'madumbass  |  19

I think she has a lot of male friends and a couple of them invited her to this party and went to make you jealous. I think something happened in the relationship to make her feel that way. so I guess it's working...?