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By  libbypotpie  |  0

kudos to you for being a normal human being, and eating a chocolate pastry. I only came on the comments to see if anyone made a fit about you eating normal people food, and working out at the same time.
#5, why should she "feel better for not eating it"? its kind of sad how its a "bad thing" to eat something like a chocolate pastry (and if shes working out, it means she has what appears to be healthy habits!) because it has GASP calories. Geez. I would rather eat and be happy, instead of being empty and disgustingly skinny, or even "hott skinny" and eat only cardboard, health food 24/7, and miss out. We have such an unrealistic opinion of food these days..

  whyme_ss  |  0

#6 is right
besides she said working it didnt have to be excersize like im trying to lose weight, it could've been like... some project for his/her job

By  popoman  |  0

Dumbass, you totally deserved it. If you were so tired, you couldn't tell the difference between a pen and food that's not even shaped like a pen, then you shouldn't be working.

By  ny1996  |  0

FAKE- you would write with the one you would be holding your pen, because you can only write with that hand. and you would eat with the other one