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  bumblebee41  |  0

What is your problem? Like honestly what made you think writing that could make you funny in any way by saying being fat makes you look younger? How about instead of being rude you be nice?

By  EternalRos3  |  0

Agreed with #9. At Circuit City we had a strict policy to ask EVERYONE. I didn't think that was bad until I worked at a gas station. The gas station's rules were to ask everyone appearing "55 and under" {no joke}. I have been yelled at waaaay too many times by angry customers over an ID. Why can't people take it as a compliment, or at least, realize that the employee is just doing their job?

The other sad many people get pissy because they don't DRIVE with their IDs on them. I know I'll be laughing when they get pulled over for whatever reason, and get a SECOND ticket for not having their ID while driving.

  96Ellie  |  5

amen to that man. same thing happens to me at work all the time, i get customers screaming and threatening me coz I've asked for their ID.

By  boshans  |  0

#3...i doubt it, i doubt you can grow a beard and look that much older at just 15, your body hasn't even fully developed. are you even buying M rated games? odds are they just dont give a shit about selling games in whatever store you go to. i doubt you can buy cigarettes or alcohol.

By  spade_fml  |  0

I did the same fucking thing but they thought i was over the age and didnt check me for id. Im 15. You are either a dickwad for not being able to get past or your a geek 25 year old still luving in your momz basement. Either way your a ducking ass shitting dick