By lovely - 26/02/2014 18:53 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my boyfriend thought it'd be cute to put his penis through a doughnut and try to make me eat it off. FML
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I'm sorry, it sucks that your boyfriends penis is small enough to fit thru a donut...

What kind of donut?????


Maybe he's trying to be romantic? I read about this in a cosmo magazine, he's just trying to spice things up ;)

Maybe it's just me but eating a dick donut doesn't come to mind when I want to spice things up.

They advice people to stick their private parts through donuts to spice thinks up? No wonder no one reads magazines anymore.

Well then I would say FHisL if he actually takes Cosmo's advice seriously.

OP here and it might have been almost kinda okay in different circumstances. I had been feeling depressed and me and him where fighting and he came over and brought me ice cream and a couple doughnuts into my room. He kept trying to get some, got aggravated took my doughnut i had gotten one bite out of and stuck it on his penis. It was ridiculous. Mind you after i forced him to take it off i DID eat it. It was my fucking doughnut after all >_>

Well I'm glad the donut didn't go to waste.

Way to remove your comment OP... Make me a fool again like in the dick made of play doh fml.

loooloool 13

I don't think the glaze is really glaze

how thin is his dick?!

I'm guessing it's Munchkin sized.

But which tasted better? :)

This is why no self-respecting person reads Cosmo.

*Says the expert 16 year old*

jazzy_123 20

"self-respecting person"? I'm sorry but last time I checked, some people are into magazines.

CountWest 6

126: Yes, some people are still into magazines. What they aren't into is having self-respect. Vote me down all you want but search your feelings... You know it's true. I mean, how many articles on "5 ways to spice up your sex life" do you need to read before you realize they use the same material every issue?

128- Five issues, if not fewer. I've counted.

I think that's cute! And who doesn't like donuts? I definitely think this shouldn't be on fml, you should brag about this to your friends about your guy being creative and funny.

Dude, this was from a tumblr post. Still funny, but definitely stolen, either by op or her boyfriend!

What kind of donut?????

A dick donut.

Steve95401 49

Dick Donuts - the new Breakfast of Champions

Don't forget the side order of Balls Benedick #20.

It's jelly filled

I think you mean cream filled...

Correction I think you mean creme...

trav_o 8

If it wasnt cream filled im sure it is now

Damn Paco el Taco.. beat me to it

I was damn sure there would be someone who left this reply. Thats the reason i checked the comments! Thumbs up mahn :)

shyeahh_fml 19

32, how would a dick even fit in a jelly filled donut...?

I see what you did there...

133- Considering it's half-and-half pastry and cake, I'd imagine you can fit your organ in there without breaking the doughnut to the point that it falls off. Not like it's as rigid as you are, y'know.

It was a long john.

drshn 22

The one that had (ass) holes in the center

did it have a white coating?

You deserve more up votes!

Nyarlothatep 12


Because of your name, you get my vote good sir. Which one did you base that off of, the book series or the anime? If anime you deserve this up vote even more.

Come on, give #4 a thumbs-up. The comment is quite funny.

Why should any vote up a disgusting comment like #4.

TallMist 32

#181 I bet you anything if it was chocolate on breasts, it wouldn't be disgusting then, would it?

mansfield_j 27

Well.... Did you??

Lebeaugars95 20

yes she did, then he doughnutted all over her face

Was it already cream-filled?

if it was cream filled it wouldnt be able to fit around his dick, silly.

\ 28

What's the purpose of a donut-hole anyway?

It's for dicks, apparently lol

111- to make Timbits! :)

what a very canadian answer. not everyone has a tim hortons down the street, y'know. :p

They have Tims in Michigan. That is a state in the US

He's being sweet... Next thing you know, he'll be covered in whipped cream and hot fudge! (:

Better a donut than an onion ring!

ileenefudge 29

#7: Let's not bring my last name into this...

I'm sorry, it sucks that your boyfriends penis is small enough to fit thru a donut...

valentinov 15

Best comment so far :)) Lol!

He probably ripped the hole *visual*

brrarm 17

I went into comments of this FML to look for a comment like this:) exactly!

My first thought too.

poisongirl708 11


That's what I thought.

That what I was thinking, mine would never fit in a doughnut hole.

charmanderCHAR 5

Wow, you must be loose as fuck if you think a donut hole is small. Close your legs.

That's excatly what I was thinking so I scrolled down ti I saw Ur comment ahaha and died

Razi_tail 25

Did he glaze it himself?

Stick a banana in your vagina and make him eat it out of you.

*pukes a little*

not a bad idea but strawberries taste better.

I know some guys who would like this idea, and I know at least one who definitely likes strawberries this way. Don't ask.

*goes banana shopping*

DavidKnows 11

#129. Chocolate covered cherries! Body heat melts them inside, and mixes w the other nectar. Mmm

Probably not a good idea to put anything sugary in there. Causes yeast or BV. Yuck!

#183: You’re right, no sugar. Only strawberries, eventually with a hint of trout flavour.

I dont know about you, but i dont like bananas. Maybe Grapes?

Is this Really the kind of man you need? REALLY?

No, but it's the man she deserves.

Gotham deserves its true man.