By sistermonster - 26/02/2014 09:45 - France - Salon-de-provence

Today, my boss fired me. I can't really explain the slap I gave him for it, though. FML
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Because you're in a Spanish soap opera and he slept with Maria?

Shrouds 14

From now until eternity, that boss will flinch everytime they fire someone. Good Job.


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Did you slap him before or after he fired you?

I'm guessing before, since she got fired in the first place!

#5 that may not be the case. She may have slapped the boss in response to being fired. The reason for her being fired may have very well provoked her to do it.

Either there should have been no slapping so she deserves it,

Shrouds 14

From now until eternity, that boss will flinch everytime they fire someone. Good Job.

#1- He gave her crap, then a slip, so she slapped him across his lips.

She said "slapped him FOR IT" implying that she slapped him for firing her. So she slapped him after.

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Before the FML was edited by the staff it only said "I can really explain the slap I gave him, though." It was changed just a couple of hours later. That is why #1 posted that question.

I think it was edited after #1 comment...

The part "for it though" makes me assume after he fired her.

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Well you are no longer his subordinate so I don't see why it matters anymore.

I want to give a like to your comment but is has 69 likes.

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yeah.. that's not how you how you get a good recommendation.

It's generally a bad idea to burn bridges in the business world, and that means NOT assaulting your boss as soon as he becomes your ex-boss.

#2 There's a thing called a work record. All he has to do is enter in that she was a lousy worker or ANYTHING like that, and it'll follow her FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

How did this pass moderation it doesn't really explain anything.

#3 has a point how did this make it here? This FML is awful.

zidiko 10

I don't know if this is FYL or YDI this is definitely a slip-up for the FML staff.

allyhough it's a little confusing, it's still a valid FML. she hit her ex boss after he fired her, she's not exactly sure why she slapped him

Taking it to 'the man' way to literally. Dayum.

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Was it the Slap of a Million Exploding Suns?

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Under a willow tree with 4 women and a tiger

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No wonder she was fired, then. Must've taken more vacation time than was granted to her in order to learn said slap.

Eh, it figures I'd put the only quite from that episode people don't remember.

You are actually disrespectful. Own up to it. Don't be a ****.

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I can imagine why he might have fired you.

I know, right? Especially with a name like sistermonster, it really is hard to know why she was fired.

actually, he slapped her AFTER... in the French version of this FML it's pretty obvious.

Because you're in a Spanish soap opera and he slept with Maria?

*Latin American soap opera. Spanish people don't really make those kind of soap operas...

you're right I dunno why are you thumbed down

@54 Spanish-speaking soap operas is what I meant.

Uh yah you deserved that. It's not cool to lose your temper like that, sorry OP

She deserves being fired because of what she did after she was fired? your logic is flawed.

Your temper and attitude would probably be a perfect explanation.