By IVOaf - United States
Today, as I tried to get out of bed, I got my foot tangled in my sheets. I reached out to my dresser to avoid falling flat on my face. I didn't fall, but I did manage to smash my fingers in the drawer while still trapped in the sheets. FML
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Yes, it definitely sounds like a stay in bed kind of day, but with that kind of luck maybe OP would end up being choked by her sheets, have the bed collapse or some other distaster.

When its all out to get you, theres nowhere to hide.

  AnOriginalName  |  19

But when you stay in bed all day, you lose your job. And when you lose your job, they hire a replacement. When they hire a replacement, mistakes are made. And when mistakes are made, you get trampled by a lowland gorilla. Don't get trampled by a lowland gorilla. Get out of bed, pull up your drawers, and rock that life!