By scubai - 14/01/2010 20:36 - United States

Today, I was giving my boyfriend head. As I was beginning to enjoy and really get into it, I heard him say, "Oh my god, this is good shit." I looked up sexily, only to find that he was eating a Twinkie. FML
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Both of you were eating a delicious snack filled with cream. He was just seeing how it was for you!


lol you clearly wernt very good :-P

megasoreass 0

ya she was not as goood as me

what a fucking asshole. and who the fuck eats a twinky while getting head?! I truly feel sorry for you and no I am not a girl

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ahahahahahahahahahaha that's hilarious

why would you fuckin' eat a twinkie while gettin' head?!?!? is he ducked up in the head or somethin'?!?

BadPinkKitty07 0

cuz twinkies are awesome, that's why!

yashack 0

that man is a genius!!!!

Cobra731 0

totally just lol'd.

That sounds like something I would do.

How does one "look up sexily"?


Wow... just wow.

Alpha35 4

i don't know if u know but WOW spelled backwards is amazingly WOW... and HAHA twinkies are good shit ........ but seriously were all mature adults..... twinkies are eaten before getting head or after

rats live on no evil star spelled backwards is rats live on no evil star.

spencenaz 0

pun not funny.

You mean not pun-ny. :D

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I guess homeboy will be hitting the sofa tonight. And the only 3 holes that got filled were the ones in the twinkie. I'm punny. Bwahaha.

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does he have ADD? clearly he was a little distracted..

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Twinkie are good

Both of you were eating a delicious snack filled with cream. He was just seeing how it was for you!

Sunnytweet79 0

LOL !!

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ahhaha wow.. thats mad funny.

darkshadows_0801 0

that is Sooo funny.

How do you know he wasn't talking about eating a Twinkie while getting head? Those might've been his two favorite things!

This. As a fan of Tallahassee from Zombieland, your FLM, IMMD.

Seriously, maybe he was going for the trifecta. Was he watching sportscenter too?

creamy on the inside. twinkies are just like dicks!