By jessica - 02/02/2011 20:59 - United States

Today, while my boyfriend and I were having sex, he stopped, got off, walked into the kitchen grabbed a doughnut, and came back to finish while he ate it. FML
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YDI for dating a cop(;

he should of brought you one!


he should of brought you one!

#1 It's should HAVE. HAAAVE for fuck's sake!

sorry! hehehe! should've!

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#10 actually

#10 god [email protected] grammar nazi

eight million actually.

It's important to keep sugar levels up during sex, iv heard it makes jizz shoot 2 meters

Rawwrness 3

.....was it from Dunkin donuts?

ahahah what a rock star he is!

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lol people are so weird

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did he share?

oh my coralita's picture is mighty distracting

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moobs... Srsly thought you were female. least they are not saggy I guess...

i gotta say coralsita u sexy

daddyluiigi 3

Like a boss lol

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what you two have is really special!

YDI for not having a sandwich prepared for him

I like sex, I like doughnuts. I fail to see a problem here...

haha lol apparently a doughnut is enough to make OP's sex better lol I think she should improve so they don't get replaced for a sandwich next time xD

indeed it is special. I mean how many men actually go to the kitchen for food?

YDI for dating a cop(;

nlr 9

how so you know he's a cop? do you know them?!

You are missing the joke you son of a bitch!!! Hold me back!! Hold me back!!! We cool? We cool.

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hahaha @ 76, wow.

Speaking of cops… I think it's illegal to have your cat's caboose so close to your face!

Homer Simpson isnt a cop...

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it's illegal for a man to have that big of an object in his mouth too!!

No YDI for dating Vash the Stampede!

Trentman30 5

mmm. doughnuts.

Never has there been more win performed my one man.


very true

FYLDeep 25

#5 You let your man act like that though? Some people might see it as disrespectful.

Was that really needed #11. Calm down.

^ don't know why this posted here, sorry

TheDrifter 23

I guess sploshing with doughnuts never crossed your mind before that? Sounds like you two are going to have a very messy love life.

Darko21 5

He meant splooshing, jizzing, or the simplest form 'cumming.'

TheDrifter 23

Google is your friend.

TheDrifter 23

Sploshing, slang for sexual or sensual use of food on the human body. Try google or urban dictionary. I had no idea that fmlers were so sheltered.

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YDI for letting him finish.

What a profile picture

I do have one question. Is he climbing in your window? I'm curious because I want to know if he's snatching your people up

hide your kids hide your wife, hide your kids hide your wife!

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instead of doing all that I would have just called up pizza hut and ordered bread sticks

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at least you weren't in the car having sex while he was doing a donut.

errr.....that would be just a tad bit freaky.....

FYLDeep 25

Did he glaze those doughnuts himself?

he ate them. and he would be gay if he did but her name was Jessica so I don't think he's gay. I mean, hey maybe he is