By Trapped. - 6/11/2013 02:53 - United States - Birmingham
Today, I had planned to break up with my overbearing girlfriend. She went into complete denial mode, bought me a pair of oversized sunglasses and tomorrow we're going ice-skating. Kill me now. FML
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  dman255  |  10

#23 She was probably just like "you're coming there with me tomorrow" and like twitched her eye like a psychopath. She'd probably stab him if he stood her up.

By  laughmaster  |  9

Tell her that you guys aren't on the same page in the relationship, honestly OP, I know it's rough but the longer you let this go on the worse it'll hurt her in the end

  DLT_fml  |  20

This whole FML started with him talking to her about it! Some people (like my ex) take a lot of convincing. He was dumb to agree to go skating, I wouldn't suggest trying again on a slippery surface while she has blades attached to her feet.