By Trapped. - 06/11/2013 02:53 - United States - Birmingham

Today, I had planned to break up with my overbearing girlfriend. She went into complete denial mode, bought me a pair of oversized sunglasses and tomorrow we're going ice-skating. Kill me now. FML
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Maybe the sunglasses are in the black eye, she's going to give you the next time you try to break up with her.



I still don't understand how he agreed to go ice skating with her

#23 She probably seduced him with her overwhelming COOLness. Prepare yourself for a pun war, my friend.

This is probably one of the SHARPEST comments I've seen!

#23 She was probably just like "you're coming there with me tomorrow" and like twitched her eye like a psychopath. She'd probably stab him if he stood her up.

I think 52 BROKE UP the pun COLD.

hannahsnyder69 16

I really do want to understand what you meant here #52

#117 I think he needs to just chill out.

guys putting caps on the PUN makes the pun less cool just saying

Are you "dating" THE overly attached girlfriend? I think the answer is yes.

Comet_Candy 23

She has those eyes that stare into your soul... What a woman.

Dawnstempest 17

@ 42 And a knife to plunge into your back the first time you turn it to her. Well, you know what they say, "Love hurts."

Meaniebobeanie 26

Maybe the sunglasses are in the black eye, she's going to give you the next time you try to break up with her.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned via internet.

I have to agree, if you go . . YDI. just say no, no one can date you without dating you. . .

How about going , try dumping her again , if that doesn't work. GET THE **** OUT OF THERE

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I say go, but bring along another girl as your date. Maybe then she will get the message or you end up in a threesome situation. Win Win.

I find this series of events rather hilarious, but I am sorry you seem to be stuck in a terrible situation!

The story of Bad Luck Brian and Overly Attatched Girlfriend. She may buy you a doge next.

addioty 19

Would you like your eggs scrambled or fertilized?

Tell her that you guys aren't on the same page in the relationship, honestly OP, I know it's rough but the longer you let this go on the worse it'll hurt her in the end

This whole FML started with him talking to her about it! Some people (like my ex) take a lot of convincing. He was dumb to agree to go skating, I wouldn't suggest trying again on a slippery surface while she has blades attached to her feet.

68: you don't convince someone to accept your breakup you grow some balls and tell them it's over and leave.

It's about the time someone grows a pair... No means no.

Maybe this is a good time to learn to stand up for yourself. No man should be whipped.

HammyBear13 8

Thats worse than whipped. Shes got his balls cemented down. Hes ******.