By esb - Canada
  Today, I finally had sex with this great guy I've been seeing. I thought I'd found a catch. We get into his room, start kissing, and things heat up. Everything is perfect until he reaches under his bed, pulls out a doughnut and shoves it into my mouth, snarling, "eat it, eat it!" FML
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By  ManicGypsy  |  22

Gross! First!

  jackalope104  |  0

It must not have been all that akward, because it sounds like you still ended up having sex with him.

Now if that completely killed the mood and you didn't end up having sex, then it would be an FML

  sublime93  |  0

Sounds like you're copying all those other fml's in which everything goes great for someone during sex or a date, and then something wacky and random happens.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

I agree with 14.
Besides, what's so bad about eating a donut during sex? Unless it actually CAME from under his bed (as in, not a box under his bed).
It's his kink to eat while sexing. It could be worse; he could want you to shit in his mouth or something.

  elektrik_fml  |  0

even though i usually get annoyed with the things where the guy does something else instead, this one seriously made me laugh for like five minutes. totally random and funny hahaha.

  elchapin562  |  0

there's actually some weird fetishes out there. this may be the weirdest one.
i only got a thing for girls feet, n i still only think about giving them a kiss, not gettin a footjob haha