By Shocked - United States
Today, I was watching TV. During a very long commercial break, I found my brothers PSP charger next to me. Out of boredom I put my tongue on the end on the metal. Not only did it fry my tongue but found its way to my metal filling in my tooth. I now have a sore tongue and a throbbing toothache. FML
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  EmilyCi  |  0

Funny part is that with almost every charger I have ever seen the metal part you can see and touch has no voltage on it. For safety reasons the metal you can touch is always the negative side (or 0 voltage). I checked with my psp charger and it is quite difficult to touch the metal with the positive voltage.

So either this is fake, or the charger is malfunctioning and you should replace it or bring it back to the store for repair. Well that or you were chewing it or sucking on it or something like that, which i really don't want to know any details about.

  facilitator  |  0

I've always been confused on this. since electrons have a negative charge wouldn't the negative side shock you. or is it a negative flow of electrons as they complete the circuit.

By  RyeBreadBoy  |  0

This is why you're supposed to unplug chargers when they're not in use. They still draw power, even when not charging things. Way to hike up your electricity bill for no reason.

  celialevi1234  |  2

zach4532 people like you and that attitude is what killing this planet and it's not one cent, even if it's a dollar, multiply that by all the chargers you have plugged in...