By Ugggggggggg - 06/11/2012 05:11 - United States - Lynnwood

Today, I woke up with a wax strip on my chest and my girlfriend sitting next to me on the bed laughing. She pulled the strip. I screamed. FML
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Cool story, give her a Brazilian :)

Someone who lives in Brazil. Obviously.


Cool story, give her a Brazilian :)

What's a Brazilian? (Sorry I don't know much about waxing)

Someone who lives in Brazil. Obviously.

Brazilian is a waxed vag.

Or spray nair on the back of her head.

Or a Playboy. It's all the hair, front and back. You can always over heat the wax a little too. Not enough to burn but enough to be uncomfortable! Anyway FYL, that's a horrible way to wake up!

free2speak 14

Or anal. Best revenge ever. It'll make her scream, alright.

Or wax half of each of her eyebrows, that is the best revenge. Make her make the choice to keep the other half or get rid of it >:)

So give me to her..I'm Brazilian ;D

My friend and I did this once. She woke up with no hair in the middle of her head.

I think I feel a YouTube channel coming on..

41, have you ever heard of those stories where women cut their men's dicks off? Yeah, don't Nair her head.

This is what nightmares are made of.

This is why people have trust issues. That and the fact that you think it's a chocolate chip cookie and it ends up being oatmeal raisin.

chell1894 13

She sounds creepy..

I instantly thought of Hilary Duff.

nattynatters 14

Ooooh! Kelly Clarkson!!!!

This is a quote from "40 Year Old Virgin" and very related. Stop thumbing it down just because you don't understand the comments. :P

Actually, that reason is both valid and common for thumbing things down. Personally, I probably thumb 1/25 of the comments I read, but if I didn't get it and decided to thumb it, it would be down.

Me? I only thumb things up, never down. I would hate to be responsible for a buried comment just because I didn't understand it but someone else would. Ex: this comment :P and I don't worry about overly offensive topics. Those usually get mod anyways.

Most people thumb down for the following reasons: grammer, spelling, unrelated, or just plain shitty.

68- Yes, thank you for the explanation... Like we didn't already know.

CharresBarkrey 15

68 - Oh, the irony.

Your girlfriend is the real devil

As opposed to the fake one?

That sounds so evil

Were you stripped of your pride?

No, it was just his hair. c:

MindFreakazoid 10

I don't believe that's what he was getting at, 36.

And I believe 36 was making a joke back.

It's necessary evil.

Be glad it wasn't your pubes.

The insane ones are usually the best in bed. Enjoy it until she whips out the scissors. Then, run., but not with scissors in hand.