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By Anonymous - 21/12/2013 07:08 - United States - Fairfield

Today, I came home after working on a difficult case. My husband wasn't home so I hopped into bed. My feet felt something and I reached down and picked it up out of the sheets. It was lacy black thongs. I don't own black thongs. FML
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Looks like you've got another case on your hands....

Well now you do ...


Looks like you've got another case on your hands....

The Case of the Lacey Black Thongs....yes I blame the CIA

Cheaters In Alliance?

well looks like that case will end in divorce.

Maybe he bought them for you? Just looking at all the possibilities

#14, looks like you foiled their caper! The mysterious "chem trails" are lacy black thongs dropped randomly to cause trouble and dissension among the populace. People at war with each other are in no way able to unify in rebellion against the government. You must have some of that contraband tin in your hat :)

# 1. I'm saddened by the fact that you missed the opportunity to instead say: well gang looks like we've got another mystery on our hands.

Maybe it was an early Christmas gift?...

#1, how do you log in with that name???

Well now you do ...

Looks like op found her Christmas present

Surprise! YAyyy.. . . they're. .for youu..Honey. . Its the only color you were missing..?

R u sure your daughters thong didn't get mixed in your laundry?

@102 Only if OP has a daughter.. And if they put laundry under the blankets on their bed..

what a dick. Hope you throw him to the curb.

Maybe it's his thong..

\ 28

Hey, a man's gotta experience life on the other side now and again.

lol could be haha

Your husbands version of a hard case sounds a lot like cheating..

Well he was hard in a case.

Who knows how many Hard Cases he's worked while you've been at work..on a limp case, with no end.

I would suggest you to confront him about it! Hear him out. if he is indeed cheating, dump his ass!

Considering that everyone is suspecting him of cheating, he could always be exfoliating. Check his legs for shaving.

Wow, nobody deserves to be cheated on. I hope everything works in your favor.

"And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor" popped into mind when I read #6's comment... :P

Eekk I hope they weren't still in bed when you walked in so sorry op :( what an ass

It clearly said that her husband wasn't home, actually read it next time.

It also says OP got INTO the bed so unless this happened... Hello hunny. Hello random woman. If you don't mind, I'm just going to squeeze into bed here and... and... WHAT IS THIS?! A THONG?! ...then I think she was alone.

busted! case closed? but feel bad for you now.

I really don't think the case is closed... I'm pretty sure it started a new one...

Makes me wonder if he owns lacey black thongs...or he's cheating.

They may have been Goldilocks! Your bed was just right...

He owes you an explanation for this one .