By Dulieu - / Tuesday 10 February 2009 00:41 / United States
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  jacobs_double  |  0

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  thedaish  |  0

So either you're a cheater, or your girlfriend's a lesbian.

  funnynesh  |  10

Just because there was another pair of panties, doesn't mean OP cheated on his girlfriend. Ever heard of an ex?

By  redonkulon  |  2

That means the other girl left your place commando. You should probably stick with that one anyway.

By  Girlssuck  |  0

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By  omg123  |  0

I have so many things to say but......not cool, how would you feel if she handed you the wrong underwear? Actually, you probably would not care.

By  SwampThing  |  0

I hope you get leprosy

By  midnyte  |  0

You were saving it for her birthday and it was supposed to be a surprise? Oh wait, maybe that was in a movie once...

By  wafflemonger  |  0

I've never understood how people leave undergarments at other people's places after a one-night stand. Can someone explain this to me? I feel naked and weird if I'm walking out in public without a bra and/or panties.

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