By haha247 - 14/08/2009 14:09 - United States

Today, I was helping my brother clean his room. While putting clothes away, I found a box of thongs. They were mine. FML
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nitro27x 2

whoa! creepy! least you didn't catch him trying them on


I think that might have just turned him on more.

HahaYDI 0, I am pretty speechless...please at least tell me he is adopted, because then it would be a little less creepy

Only a little. That is REALLY creepy. Tell your parents or something. That's kinda scary.

psych21 0

Maybe he didn't want you wearing them...

nitro27x 2

whoa! creepy! least you didn't catch him trying them on

The OP's brother was probably showing them to his friends, he probably wasn't telling them they were her's but other lovely ladies that he says he has had sex with. He was using the thongs as proof of his sexual excapades.

thyaftermath 0

Well , Atleast now you have better ideas for what to get him on his birthday. No but seriously, If hes adopted thats way okie. But if hes not then the right thing to do, would be to have sex with him

taoxyeuxmay 4

#89, that's exactly what I was thinking too. If that's not it, gross.

I agree with you wholeheartedly "thyaftermath" (#97).

that is a very important thing to know

A girl left shit-stained underwear at my place once, and it was disgusting, please god let those thongs be clean

If they were clean... maybe he was trying them on? Nah... he'd just get new ones... Boy's a scary one.

oh damn it they better be clean if not thats pretty disgusting

agreed. the other day i found a picture of me in a bikini in my little brothers room. ehh..

suckmysarcasm 10

wow. what did u do did u approach him about it?

How did you not notice they were missing? Are you leaving them at dudes' apartments all over town?


You're telling me? It wasn't even dirty or hateful or racist! What I said was (approximately): How did you not notice all those thongs missing? Maybe you've been losing them in dudes' apartments all over town.

florida? do you live in the swamps? and I hope you put him on the spot, I mean thats freaking disgusting

How can you not realize so many pairs are just disappearing? I'm sure if you were helping him he wouldn't just leave them in the open for you to find. I think it's fake. :l

It's possible to not realize some panties are missing. I have a ton of panties and they got lost in laundry and I won't find a pair until a couple of months later. Sometimes you just lose track of them.

Mirequetz 6

Yea, I have over 100 pairs of underwear (no, I'm not kidding, it's a fetish) and wouldn't notice losing a few.

a 100 pairs?!? why would u need more than 1 for every day of the week?

So you only have about 7 pieces of under garments? Really? What happens when something spills on you? Or it wears out/tears, or you lose one? Or theft or iunno, you miss a laundry day? I think it's normal to have more than just 7 pairs. Maybe not 100... but a dozen or two would probably fit a box.