By haha247 - / Friday 14 August 2009 14:09 / United States
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The OP's brother was probably showing them to his friends, he probably wasn't telling them they were her's but other lovely ladies that he says he has had sex with. He was using the thongs as proof of his sexual excapades.

  thyaftermath  |  0

Well , Atleast now you have better ideas for what to get him on his birthday.

No but seriously,
If hes adopted thats way okie. But if hes not
then the right thing to do, would be
to have sex with him

  plexico  |  3

You're telling me? It wasn't even dirty or hateful or racist! What I said was (approximately):

How did you not notice all those thongs missing? Maybe you've been losing them in dudes' apartments all over town.

By  Zigorathane  |  0

How can you not realize so many pairs are just disappearing? I'm sure if you were helping him he wouldn't just leave them in the open for you to find. I think it's fake. :l

  littlexlion  |  4

It's possible to not realize some panties are missing. I have a ton of panties and they got lost in laundry and I won't find a pair until a couple of months later. Sometimes you just lose track of them.

  Vaetrus  |  0

So you only have about 7 pieces of under garments? Really? What happens when something spills on you? Or it wears out/tears, or you lose one? Or theft or iunno, you miss a laundry day?

I think it's normal to have more than just 7 pairs. Maybe not 100... but a dozen or two would probably fit a box.


Today, while with a large group of friends, my best friend started talking about my struggles with dating and intimacy. I quietly asked her to stop talking about it, as it was personal and I wasn't comfortable with everyone else knowing. Her response? "Um, it's really none of your business." FML

By guitarki - / Sunday 26 April 2015 18:49 / United States - Monroe

Today, while coming back from skiing, a woman asked me if I could help her carry her stroller. I put my skis down and helped her. When I came back to pick my skis up, I saw two guys running away with my gear. You try chasing someone while wearing ski boots. FML

By magzulism / Friday 13 January 2012 15:30 / Reserved
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