By T-Shain - 31/05/2009 05:45 - United States

Today, I rear-ended a car. While we were waiting for the police, we made small talk, at which time I learned he was an attorney. FML
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Futt_Buck 0

Hire him!

Soooooo... Is he gonna represent you?


Wow that really sucks, just your luck i guess. i feel sorry for you though

if you rear-ended him, your at fault for following to close. it really doesn't matter if he is an attorney or not. not an fml.

this is fake shit do you know how many fmls have this?

lizzilla8297 2

haha that stinks.

Girreth 7

That would be an interesting case -- the defendsnt hires the prosecution as his attorney, and the prosecution is his own attorney.

Futt_Buck 0

Hire him!

Soooooo... Is he gonna represent you?

Riveting story. Tell it again!

You're guilty anyway, no use fighting it. The car that does the rear-ending is always considered guilty of tailgating.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Not where I live. If the car in front did something stupid (like pull out in front of someone) and there are witnesses, the car in front can be charged and the rear-ender wouldn't be at fault.

RkR_fml 0

Hahaha, that's awful.

Well it dznt really matter since ur guilty. Time for u to get ur own attorney.