By Anonymous - 26/10/2012 21:59 - Switzerland - Zurich

Today, I was watching a movie with my boyfriend, when things got a little frisky and we started making out. It was my first time French-kissing, and apparently he has a very sensitive gag reflex, because the moment my tongue went in, he started retching, and vomited moments later. FML
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Poor guy.. He needs to work on that, I would hate to not be able to french kiss my girl.

Kallian_fml 21

Well damn. How long is your tongue?


Poor guy.. He needs to work on that, I would hate to not be able to french kiss my girl.

PleaseStayChill 9

Maybe it's not his fault. Maybe she's just really gross.

Maybe it's not his fault. I've known a few people in the past who think French-kissing involves sticking their tongue as far into my mouth as possible and wiggling it around. There's nothing quite like feeling like you're about to choke on a slimy, wiggling slug. D:

Oh dang :/ ... Well, he can always work on it some more :) if you're willing to risk the vomit O_o

44's comment just made me vomit... Why would you remind people of that!?!?

63- like you didn't watch 2G1C more than once...

I've never actually seen it. I've just heard about it and that made me sick to my stomach.

CharresBarkrey 15

31 - they wrote "you're" it's just ridiculously elongated.

The grammar police entrance exams... they must be getting easier.

Some people are into that. Every thing is a fetish to someone.

olpally 32

*vomits* vomit orgy has commenced! Lol :D

I must of been really good for u to have the strength to make this fml

hannah_bug28 4

That's crazy! O.o lol I'm sorry, maybe you can practice with him and he'll get better with it :/

I think OP might be slightly reluctant to practice after that.

Usually when I read "That's nasty" it's in Cleveland's voice. This time, not so much..

I had second thoughts about putting "Cleveland's voice". Oh well you can't win 'em all. :)

Schizomaniac 24

That's no attitude for a Pokemon trainer.

hannah_bug28 4

my name is Cleveland brown and I am proud to be right back in my home town with my new family this is the clevland show!

Ciaraaaa44 2

What a memorable first french kiss, maybe one day you'll be able to laugh at it.

Dang did you make sure you brushed your teeth today.

My sentiments exactly, the tongue might just be an excuse her boyfriend gave less he offended her. The real culprit could be the bits of bacon stucked in her teeth from last night's dinner. (;

When u kiss you don't touch the other person's gag reflex.. Maybe she needs more practice? Who knows where she was putting her tongue

This is a F His Life! You can move on, he is stuck this way!

Kallian_fml 21

Well damn. How long is your tongue?

Maybe she is the female version of Gene Simmons?

RedPillSucks 31

I was thinking the same thing. If you feel something fleshy that's not his tongue, you're doing it wrong.

New meaning for deep throat? I think so!