By Anonymous - 05/08/2011 22:57 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend admitted that on his last visit, he snuck into the laundry and stole a lacy black thong he assumed was mine. It wasn't. It was my dad's. FML
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KatieLov3sChu 4

2 secrets in 1 apparently

victor's secret


KatieLov3sChu 4

2 secrets in 1 apparently

prince122 0

both secrets disturbing.

This is more of an f your boyfriends life

victor's secret

Idonebeenhad 17

that's hawt

allenye818 2


24- I see what you did there :)

jake1632 9

And I jizz in my pants..

Thanks for that margie

Your welcome. Captain obvious is my mentor. He taught me well :)

That one made me laugh

I bet your doesn't mind

I think this is a fml for all three unless your mom figures out that'd be 4 idk

Lol! Yep i wasn't ecpecting the dad one.

2ndSucks 15

F the moms life more than anyone else.. Unless she's into that kind of thing.

Imagine the awkwardness for the boyfriend and father

Julios thongs for men. God help us all.

It's a two for one special!

Just me or did anyone actually jump. I did, scary crap man/girl.

badintentions 0

how much do u want to bet your weirdo boyfriend sniffed the crotch of that thong a few times?

a_nutritionist 10

@18 actually its fuck her life because she has a dad who cross dresses and a boyfriend who steals other peoples underwear. assuming she has a mother and potentially a sister, the risk of it not being hers was fairly high anyway.

iPoopMusic 0

Victor's Secret

149-It's not much of a secret when it's been said already.

I had to go back and read it lol

#18 it can be an fml for OP too; they found out their dad wears thongs.

I wonder what your dad does in his spare time.

otb113 7

yeah, stick a carrot in his ass!

tylersign 11

57. WTF.

daaanielle14 0

haha why would your dad have a song? lmao

yomommma 6

He didnt have a song he had a thong

think I just threw up a little...

Woah!!!! I didn't know they made mongs!!!!!

wait what? somebody wants to try my bong?

iSitt 0

Maybe it belonged to her other dad.

145, u just ruined it.

He probably looks good in it

Oh he does. ;)

mynameis1339 0

Agh, FHL thats just terrible.

free2speak 14

If there was any such thing as "double fuck your life", I think now would be a good time to say it.

AttucisFinch 0

^ FTW ^

jazzyspazz 16

maybe he know they where his...

Grammar please!

badluckalex 23

maybe enlish is not her first language. asshole

I don't see any goose around here, and I'm in Canada!

ok that's just messed up.

ur "girlfriend" is hot

lopez1222 3

Id plow your "girlfriend" till next tuesday.

number 9, I like those boots matches her outfit nicely though I wouldn't call what she's wearing an outfit exactly.

if that's even his girlfriend.....

a_nutritionist 10

its not his girlfriend so much as a trophy for him to display to the world. i guess some of us place our value in the opinions of strangers rather than on the quality of our relationships, our character or personal qualities.

ohh hmm did he return them?

Bossman11 6

I would've burned them

I would've burned the burnt ashes of them after burning them.

duckman9 55

considering what he could have done with them, thinking they were his gf's, I doubt her father would have wanted them back anyway!

reallytho3 11

Ur bf and dad need to reexamine themselves seriously...

Ew what does he do with it and how did he even get it.

didnt u read it . it says he wennt into the laundry roomto get it

can you read on a second grade level?