By Anonymous - 21/12/2013 06:26 - United States - New York

Today, my boyfriend proposed to me during a funeral. FML
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Maybe he didn't want to live another second without being married to you.

Perhaps he takes "Til Death do us Part" very seriously..


Maybe he didn't want to live another second without being married to you.

Hahaha oh that's a good one lol

Awful joke: Now if a granny pokes me during the proposal and tells me "I'm next", I can look over at the funeral and tell her the same.

I wouldn't want to be another second without her either; she's drop dead gorgeous!... I'll carefully escort my way out of a 15th story window for that joke.

"I don't want to wait For our lives to be over Will it be yes or will it be Sorry?" *Dawson's Creek Flashback*

"I don't want to wait For my lunch to get colder Da-da-da-da Why can't I eat it now? I don't want to wait For, hah hah, new Toyota I want the car That's got a lot of gas" "Peter Griffin Flashback"

still that's not the right place for something like that to happen

Who says romance is dead

Notice how both ceremonies start; Dearly beloved, we are gathered here, today, to... Creepy!

#32 might've just made my day

Death makes people weird.

still a pretty *killer* proposal.

Where there's death, there's life...

Not first. but man that totally sucks just a tad insensitive

My condolonc-ulations !

Oh dear :( Bad timing OP. Have you spoken to him about it?

Nooo.. she just completely ignored the fact that he proposed to her and is currently on her way to Mexico!

Proposing is a bad idea. There is no good timing for a bad idea. May be, he wanted to hear "no"?

What did you say??

The circle of lifeeee!

no, only if a baby is born at a funeral.

Alright Scar

I read this thread at the same I was eating a lion animal cracker *scar voice* "I killed mufasa!!"

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, (diddly diddly)...

I hope it wasn't someone too close :( also: maybe he could have found better ways to cheer you up

No no no, he clearly did it, because he did not want to die without leaving someone special the millions to his name.

Perhaps he takes "Til Death do us Part" very seriously..

Funerals bring out all sorts of strong emotions in people. I hear people reevaluate their lives at them and can make massive decisions to change them up! OP's man just suddenly had a eureka moment. Shame it was at such a damn sad venue!

Was it your family or his?

Atleast you had an audience already tearing up ...

not a good start.