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Today, I got a concussion at work. Our resident schizophrenic decided to test how gravity worked by dropping a torch over the bannister directly onto my head. I'm still seeing stars. FML
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msizziec tells us more.

Hello, OP here! I work in a mental health and learning disability care home, so when I say resident I mean in the sense they live there. He's normally absolutely lovely, very quiet and calm, however something clearly snapped that day. I'll never know whether it was on purpose or not unfortunately! It was only a small torch (flashlight) but it was dropped about 10 ft directly onto my temple which was incredible aim if nothing else. It's not a locked unit so he's allowed stuff like that, however I did "misplace" it after the incident. A trip to the hospital emergency department after my shift proved there's no long lasting damage other than a mild concussion. After that though I've kept my distance from him... just in case!

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Before you ask, a "torch" is a flashlight in the UK. You're welcome.


The only consolation is that the torch was not American.

For those wondering, an American torch is a flaming stick, elsewhere a torch is a flashlight

So what do folks in the UK call a fuel-covered flaming stick?

We call it a torch, we call both of them that because they both give of light

oki you guys are confusing, lets go danish.. torch = fakkel. flashlight = lommelygte :)

Perhaps said stick is called a "flashlight?"

I didn't know schizophrenics liked doing physics experiments

I normally hate crappy puns but this one works. Heh. Good job.

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It's a good thing we have that like button eh? Imagine having to read 98 more comments saying the same thing.

No more counting money, we'll be counting stars!

Before you ask, a "torch" is a flashlight in the UK. You're welcome.

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I 100% thought OP meant a stick of fire so thanks for that

One reason I'm glad to watch Doctor Who. Only reason I knew that already

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Heh I thought of one of those portable propane blowtorch type thingys.

I learned reading a book when I was 10. Thought the British were primitive as hell until the characters explained it.

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Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering where the hell OP worked that there were torches just lying around.

By NOT googling "UK torch synonyms" perhaps?

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You mean Newton? Galileo studied stars.

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Why do you have a resident schizophrenic? Why is he allowed to just drop things on people?

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Because discriminating against people with psychological disorders and infringing their right to act stupid is totally okay. Right.

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Is this sarcasm? I hope so. He could have killed OP.

OP could be working at a psych ward, a mental hospital or something like that.

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Then they shouldn't allow the patients access to heavy maglites.

#9 ummm mental illness has nothing to do with it. of course they deserve to have their "rights to act stupid" "infringed" upon if said rights are putting people in danger! Today concussion, tomorrow head cracked open.

Most likely OP works in a residential treatment facility or group home. Having worked at both, I can assure you and stuff like this happens a lot. I have been hit, kicked, pushed, berated, spit on, and I'm sure stuff I have blocked out. It is the nature of the job.

Tell me about it, but don't forget being hit on!

@#80: hahahahahah, it's a little different when you work with emotionally disturbed kids... The it isn't so much fun. Or the guy who tired to pull me into the shower I was helping with... Good thing I don't melt!

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That really sucks. Since it was at work, maybe you should talk to your boss to prevent this from happening again.

Press charges. If he is that unstable he shouldnt be there putting people in danger. And your job is totally responsible.

Since OP said "resident schizophrenic" we can assume OP works in a psych ward, which means the one who dropped it on them kinda does need to be there.

Correct, #26, but he probably shouldn't have access to heavy objects to drop over the banister if he's that sick.

Never heard of a psych ward that gives patients things they can hurt each other with. Also seems weird there was a bannister he could drop something over because that would be a risk of patients jumping or falling.

Yeah, when my GF was in the hospital they were totally restricted... the roof garden they smoked in had 10ft walls to prevent jumping, I can't imagine a psych ward worth their credentials would allow an unsupervised patient into the stairwell. Dollars to donuts the doors need to be unlocked with a pass card/security code.