By Noname / Thursday 12 March 2009 09:06 / United States
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By  KT33

First of all: Don’t post any comments which could negatively influence on the veracity of a FML or even on the anecdote’s potential to be a FML. Don’t ruin others pleasure. [That is in the posting rules, in case you haven't read them.] Secondly, I have also done far less with a laptop than drop it from a bed to have it stop working, so that definitely could happen. And, it doesn't matter how big the fall is or how hard it is, so much as HOW they fall, so someone could very easily break the


YDI because you fractured your arm by either falling off your bed or your laptop landing on you. it's called milk, drink some pussy.

sounds a lil exaggerating.. my laptop has fallen before and it didnt break. how did u fell till you fracture your arm? yeowch

How did you break your arm falling off the bed?....and I've dropped laptops from tables and they're fine, this kind of doesn't make sense. Although if it did happen, then I feel sorry for you :(...be a little more careful next time.

This sounds like something that would happen to me. I've fallen asleep with my laptop on my lap on the top bunk, and it fell off in the middle of the night, and it still works.

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