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Today, my daughter turned Emo. FML
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Did anyone else have trouble selecting this FML to look at the comments seeing as how it's soooo small? Anyone? Just me? :


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Dang that took forever to tap to get to the comments cause it's so short. Fml

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ikr? ps op... so what? it's a style, if she's cutting that doesn't make her an emo.

Well it's much better than catching beiber fever. I hear when someone has it that thy have to be put down.

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Yeah, how do you just spontaneously and unexpectedly turn emo?

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Good to know she has a supportive parent as well..

Fyl OP. Prepare for the pseudo-alienation, pseudo-individuality and faux emotion. I was(note 'was') friends with someone who strayed down this path. Faking bisexuality to attract girls, creating a false individuality to present, trying to act deep and emotional, trying to seem like a 'profound, introverted thinker'(utterly insulting to an introverted peron who has an interest for philosophy and theorizing) when in actuality, he was extraverted, insecure, but somewhat cunning and manipulative. (Excuse the run-on sentence.) He was lucky to be around many ignorant and/or unobservant people, as it allowed his crap to flourish. Now I'm not saying this should represent all 'emos' by any means, I'm just giving one example from experience. Hopefully your daughter can find an actual sense of identity or state of self-awareness.

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A lack of money stuffed in OPs birthday card. At least he/she didn't sue, like those fuckheads in the news today.

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Adolescent grieving, obviously. Gosh! No one understands her! (Sarcasm, for those incapable to recognize it.)

What caused this? Puberty, I guess. You know, the urge to be different than everybody else, to be unique, to shock your parents, to look cool, to impress your other emo-friends...that kind of stuff. Most emo's will grow out of it, so don't worry, OP, it's probably just a phase. Maybe you should also learn to accept her the way she is instead of complaining on FML. My parents couldn't deal with my black eyes and black clothes for a long time. Friends of them told them it was going to end bad with me because of that. Those teenage years were so fun fun fun...they didn't trust me and controlled my laptop and gsm, I didn't trust them, they scold at me, fights every day, I hated them... Fun fun fun. But now I'm almost grown-up, still a goth (but one with a fabulous self-esteem) and they accept and love me the way I am. But I'm still sad and mad at them for those lost and ******-up years.

There's a huge difference between emo and goth. I'm not trying to imply anything; just pointing that out.

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138 is right emos are faggots with self esteem problems and shitty taste in music and goths are people who are different and try to be unique and never do stuff because it's popular also they generally have way better taste in art and music with a genuine appreciation for them. I know both crowds and in my book the goths win everytime

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Have you seen Katy Perry turn into Elmo?? Not as bad as it sounds.

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Despite that ear raping laugh, I think that would have still been more tolerable.

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I would point out something wrong in your comment, but I would feel like a grammar nazi. So I'll just leave you to figure it out yourself and hopefully you never repeat the mistake ever again.

'You are' and 'your' are totaly diffrent says the turkish guy....(that's me)

Different* says the American guy :) I just had to sorry

Also, Señor 158, you spelled 'totally' wrong.

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your username describes your comment.

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Just because one is Emo...does NOT mean they do drugs, or have friend problems.

Generally means they have some sort of problem. Happy funky teens don't relate to whiney morbid music...

I used to listen to upbeat music, wear bright colours and be the biggest sack of teen angst ever.

I'm a happy, well behaved teen girl who listens to post grunge music... it annoys me when people always relate musical taste to current life situations.

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I'd say more like FHL. You should talk to her about it and try to help.