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Today, the car I was in got pulled over by the police for making an illegal turn. I was in a cab. And he kept the meter running. FML
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I'd have demanded the driver let me out as soon as the cops turned up, and refuse to pay.

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I would have gotten out. I would have been like "Peace Bitch" "hey where my money" "UP your ass"


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i moderated this! FYL u shouldent pay extra or you should've told him to stop the meter

Kumo, in this economy, not everyone can afford a car.

#8: Thumbs down for not knowing how to reply to the right person.

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I bet the cab driver was asian. They love scamming americans out of money! Damn yellow bellied bastards. If this was a perfect world we would blind fold all the asians with dental floss and beat the shit out of them like pinyatas.

You know what? Shut up. Alright? Your ******* racist attitude comes from your lack of understanding for anything in the world, so go **** yourself. Asians are humans, and they're the same as Americans. Actually, if all Americans are like you, they're BETTER than Americans. I'm an American, too, but I'd rather be an Asian if people like you are what it means to be American.

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Whatever you say "ping" at least I wasn't named after the sound of a dish hitting the floor :) And IMMIGRANTS has 2 M's slick, maybe you should learn to spell before you play the dumb ass american card. I understand though if you no speaky so good da english maybe if I squint my eyes and smile a lot and say "Hey meesta man, you jo no say bad wurds to me mmm'kay " then you would understand me just fine. I love how you slants are so quick to say "I'ma bussa cap in yo ass foo" you scared to fight someone? Always wanna shoot someone because you kids are afraid to get your ass beat these days. Anyways you are not initimidating anyone standing at like 4'5" 89 lbs soaking wet, blazing the suburbs in your rice rocket, and selling WoW gold online to Warcraft players all day by botting and scamming. Kudos to you! But just remember as successful as you "THINK" you are. At the end of the day it all comes down to this. If I need my dry cleaning done, your dad is there. If I need my dick sucked, your sister is there. if I need some shrimp fried rice and orange chicken to go, your mom is there..... Need I continue? I think not. Viva la whitey!

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Damned white supremacists, "Viva la whitey"? More like, "I need attention! I'm going to start controversy on the internet! I've got no life, or self esteem! I have to bash other races and start up a storm of shit to get the attention of a couple of people! I suspect my parents don't love me! My life sucks!" You're just sad.

#28: What about Bruce Lee (when he was alive), he beat Chuck Norris! :O

im a white australian and #28 is the biggest racist prick ever. i hold no grudges against any race with a small exclusion of americans when they think that the world revolves around them and every other country is second rate. im pretty sure asians are smarter than you are #28, omg big whoop if they couldnt fight a fight as well as an american. That sure is a BIG achievement you dumb arrogant retard. oh and the immigrant thing was probably a typo

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Im hardly a white supremacist. And the true ignorance is that when a white person says "I love being white its great and wonderful and makes me proud" I'm a racist, but any other race does it and you get your own personal holiday. Look up the clip on youtube about Kramer from seinfeld speaking out on your so called "white supremacy" ignorant people are the ones who call white people racist not vice versa. Other than that all i gotta say is, "don't hate me cayse you ain't me"

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#38 That means a lot coming from an island full of convicted felons and rapists. How about you judge other countries after you guys are done ******* yourselves and everyone else over. Australians are good for a whole lot of nothing :) You're just pissed cause New Zealand gets more respect than you guys, and they're all a bunch of douche kiwi's which says a lot about australia. I think it's funny how abow american's are told to get off the high horse for the simple fact we have the freedom to say what we want, and do what we want, and you other piece of shit countries can't because your government has you by the balls. So once again....... DO NOT HATE ME CAUSE YOU AIN'T ME!

.... #26 i'm not racist or anything... but the way you put that is ******* retarded. if your american and you say that "if all americans are like you" your contridicting yourself. someonee needs thier gold star taken away.

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Dude It isnt cool that ur saying that But the dental floss shit is pretty ****** clever.

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Like I'm going to take a dude named "PinkSmurf" seriously? Save your gay pride crusade for someone who cares. Flame me all you want but there's nothing but truth and fact in my statements. And I won't burn in hell for being a so called racist and even if I would I could be forgiven. There is no forgiveness for queers. They get a one way ticket.

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Oh shit yo that is mad ******* dissage but still not cool hah damn dude you would get raped if you ever said that in real life. i guess this is a good place to let your feelings out Genius none theless cheap shots. But damn ******* genius ass burns

yeah. his comments are probably half-assed anyways. unless hes done something pretty damn good for his people, he shouldn't be proud of anything.

Dude, Knight05 is my new hero. I love Asians, one of my best friends is Asian, but it's funny to see you fags get your panties in a bunch because a guy is ******* around. Jesus ****. You guys are all fags, not including Kight.

dude ur a ******* Pimp... i mean i agree with you in absolutely no aspect of your argument, but the way you presented it was straight up balla lol i laughed my ass off lol

another stereotype, brought to you by gran torino

Knight05 go **** yourself there are ALOT if countries where you can speak your mind. You stupid redneck bastard should leave, saying things like "You immagrants stole are jobs!" or "Your what's making this country bad!". In case you don't know (Which you clearly don't) Is the EVERYONE is a immagrant idiot. (Except native Americans). Yup that's right your cow milking, sister *******, barn cleaning white ass is really either British or Irish. (Or any other country). OP never use taxis unless it's the cash cab :)

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while thecrest of you are getting ****** in the ass and then crying about it, I'm going to go right on ahead and call bullshit. clearly none of you have been in a cab, if you had you would know that you're charged by distance rather than time for obvious reasons.

Hey, I just wanna say that I attended a maths competition recently (blahblahnerdblahidon'tcare), and out of the 280 best mathematicians in my 2 year age group in the UK (about 2 million people) a hell of a lot of them were asian. So y'know, white supremacy is plainly idiotic, because asia has a lot more than it's fair share of the smartest people in the world. Racism is really just jealousy: the white knows the other person is smarter than them, and so decides to take the piss out of their colour. And if you're wondering, I'm white, middle class and have an asian girlfriend. So yeah.


Knight05, there are really no facts in your arguments. Besides, white supremacy? That is a load of bullshit that will never happen. Also, if there was no Asia in this world, you probably won't be living in the good conditions you live in now. Where is your TV made? Your shoes? Your computer? And don't be ******* smartass and lie. Besides, why would you want everyone to be white? It would be boring to live with, all day, no new things, just white people. Do you have any friends, besides the 100+ stalkers on your MySpace? I think not. Just get a life, and try to no be ridiculous. White people are no better than anyone else. You live in a democratic country, everyone is equal, so deal with it. You will be surrounded by Asians all the time. Also, you spoilt Americans are lucky that barely any wars have been on your home soil. Bombing of Golden Gate Bridge? What else? None. In Asia, Japan got bloody demolished because of you guys, China was nearly half taken over, you guys lost the Vietnam War, but screwed up lots of civilians. You whities are the cause of why some parts of Asia could have been flourishing with wealth, but no. You have taken the lives of so many Asians, you whites need to apologise and get over yourselves.

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Like I always say, trolls are like stray cats. Feed them and they'll never go away.

Hold on a minute. Are you bringing wars into this? Not only does that have absolutely NOTHING to do with racism, you're completely wrong. China was half destroyed by Japan. The west had nothing to do with that. Japan was destroyed because it started a war. As it is, Japan is currently the 2nd biggest economic power in the world because of western loans. And Vietnam? Do you really think the only reason vietnam isn't flourishing is because of the war? Look at all of its neighbours. They just need time.

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Stop feeding the trolls for ****'s sake. Calling a troll sad is like calling a rapist a pervert, it just turns 'em on even more.

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So how much did you need to pay in the end?

I'd have demanded the driver let me out as soon as the cops turned up, and refuse to pay.

I thought meters were by the mile.... at least that's what I thought while I was in NYC.... am I wrong?

i think they do it by both time and distance. like if you drove 2km and it took you like 5 minutes they'd charge you for the 2km and the 5 minutes

yeah that was exactly what I was thinking every cab I've ever taken was either a flat rate city limits to city limits or charged by the mile, not the hour

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The only good cop is a dead cop.

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Oh my gosh. You are a complete idiot. Not only are you a huge racist, but your a dumbass, too. Do you know what police officers do? They fight for your freedom and life everyday. Do you know how many police officers are veterans or children of a veteran? And what did the veterans do? Fought for your freedom! And didn't you just boast about your freedom and all a couple comments above? Yes, you did. You are one of those people that give Americans a bad name. You think everything should be handed to you, just because you were born in America, and you are white. Well, guess what. So am I, but you don't see me going around treating everyone else like scum.

YDI for trying to carjack someone. SIXTH!!!!

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#11=fail...AHAHAHAHA but FYL for deserving it

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I would have gotten out. I would have been like "Peace Bitch" "hey where my money" "UP your ass"

Lol @ 13 you desrfve it for not eating chicken.